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parker gaucho owners

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well I got some parkers in capri and they fit a little big, so I think I needed a 25 but thats ok...so anyway Im gonna get the AMS wash, Ive heard these run smaller, should I get a 26, or a 25?
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I have them in capri and I sized down, but I have read that the AMS is more TTS?
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Hmm... I think I must be weird-sized -- I don't own any capris, but I've tried on both of these washes and I had to get them both in a 24!
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hmmm mabye I should just get a size 25
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I think you could go with your normal stretch size in AMS
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Oh, Bombon- I actually owned these (AMS) in a 25, and I normally wear a 26. MISTAKE! I had to sell them, and that was very sad. I have the vine pocket Parkers, they're a size 26 and they're perfect. I would DEFINATELY not size down.
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I have the AMS gauchos and wear them in my regular stretch size...I do not think that I could size down in them at all...
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bombon99 ...Capri AMS wash...i think it's TTS...i've owned one myself...and it fitted me PERFECT... can't complain....i really loveee the style....i'm a s25 myself and i've ordered it in 25
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I have the Parker Gaucho in Capri..they run BIG..I had to size down.
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The Capri wash apparently does run big... but AMS is TTS.
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