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this is all spiralling into a madhouse of surreality.

the other roommate just moved in 6 days ago. now, this guy is the stereotypical flaming gay guy who proudly flaunts his sexual orientation, and my old roommate (and boss of the house) and i thought it would be cool to throw this guy into the mix just for the hell of it (we're random like that).

well, the boss got our future female roommate (she doesn't move in until a week or two later) to go out with him. of course, she brings along a bunch of her girl friends, and anyone with any experience knows that this is a hint. as expected, he comes home early tonight alone and grumbling. sexual frustration makes him moody.

but to add to the bizarro, the new roommate whom moved in 6 days ago is totally hitting on me. he's always finding the lamest excuses to hang out in my room, sometimes in nothing but his tightie whities. he's also always complaining to me about the boss roommate, and i really don't want to be part of any shit talking behind anyone' back. to make matters worse, he's telling me how he doesn't prefer female roommates.

in the upcoming month, i'm going to be living on a drama llama farm.
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i think it's funny that you call your roommate "bossman". i call my dad that, and even my dogs know that the "bossman" is dad.

can you please tell me what station this reality TV show of yours is airing on? if it is not a real show, maybe you're getting screwed over like the joe schmo guy where the joke was on him....
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haha actually i think i'm going to fully enjoy all this. just as long as i tread carefully so i don't get caught up in the web of drama.

i call my roommate "bossman" to appease to him. in reality, he likes to be called "papa ****" (don't want to reveal his first name), and funnily, my gay roommate/suitor always whines to me about that. i really don't care...i know the bossman likes to feel like he's the alpha wolf of the pack, and a true leader knows not to fight over such trivial inconsequential things, e.g. nominal titles. i'm sure there are certain things i do that bug everyone, so yeah. plus, it's easier to follow a story when each character is assigned a name - the gay roommate, the female roomie, not_a_virus.exe, and the bossman.

if anything, the socioanthropological documentary, "america's next top model," has taught me many valuable insider tips on surviving drama llama farms. i seek a joint jaeda from cycle 7 (passive) and jael from cycle 8 (pro-active) strategy.

i have to record some of these conversations on my new cell phone, if not just for my other friends, but for the internet to eavesdrop on lol.

but yeah, it's kinda disturbing too that the bossman would essentially EXTORT our future female roommate into hanging out with him. bad boy. bad boy!
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Holy praying mantis.

THAT"S what you've been doing.
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So where do I sign up for the webcam that I hope is installed in your house soon...

I'd like to sign up for a year membership or however long you think this saga will continue.
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From: Tim
To: xxxxxxx (da Bossman)
date: Apr 7, 2007 12:43 PM
Subject: Just so you know...

...I just came back home and found my TV, DVD player, and TV stand moved around. The cables as well. Found my speakers left on as well a few days ago, but at the time, I thought I might have left them on myself by accident. Anyway, I asked Jaime if he knew why my stuff was moved around, and he admitted that he was trying to get my DVD player to work because he wanted to watch a movie. I told that's not cool because he should have asked me beforehand and that I don't like feeling that people are using my stuff behind my back.

Also found that 2 of my 4 windows were closed on my computer and now I don't remember which job positions I was looking at. I asked Jaime about that too and he also admitted he was using my computer. Not cool. Also found his slippers under my computer desk lol.

I've always had a suspicion that he might have been using my stuff when I was gone since he's always talking TV and internet. But I wanted to trust him so I didn't bother to lock my door when I'm out.

I'm bringing this up to you because I think I might have to start locking my door when I go out now and you might want to if you feel like.
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You should give a copy of the letter to this 'Jaime' character.


p.s. maybe you could move in w/constantine!
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it did cross my mind whether what i was doing was shitty, but i don't think it is. i wasn't just talking shit about someone behind their back to make myself feel better at his expense (because i'm not and plus i confronted him beforehand and told him how i felt), but rather was warning my friend/bossman for protection. this jaime guy also just moved in too so he knows he's under scrutiny (kinda dumb for him to be so careless at such a sensitive time).
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It's not shitty, I commend you for approaching the guy. But you should probably give him a copy of the letter, or show it to him, or even just mention that you told bossman in a letter. That might put the fear of whatever in him!
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And lock your door Can't hurt.
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oh, so you think i should let him know that i communicated the above with da bossman? hmm, given the unique circumstances (him being told numerous times by now how we kicked out our last roommate for being so terrible...and him apologizing to me numerously before leaving the house...and me giving him the subtle cold shoulder to emphasize the message), i think anything more might scare him off lol!

i'm genuinely disappointed in him though for being so reckless during such a sensitive move-in period. he doesn't have a car and a computer, so i can understand his desperation (he's always asking for rides too, and i gave him a ride once to work, and i already told him that i can't always be giving him rides...da bossman is even worse though - instead of telling jaime straight up, he just tells him to ask me...wtf lol?).
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Originally Posted by begret View Post
And lock your door Can't hurt.
i'm actually still hesitant to do this. it'll be obvious if i suddenly start closing and locking my door (i always leave my door open...it's not even closed) that it's because i no longer trust him. jaime seems more apologetic than aggressive, so i don't think he'll respond defiantly, but i still would like to minimize the tension as much as possible, and i definitely don't want to be the root of any drama, as i've already made the stated goal in this thread that i wanna play the role of spectator jaeda-from-antm-cycle-7 style. i'm afraid i don't have a choice though.
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Yes, I think you should tell him. It's just like when you marry somebody thinking they'll change, haha... In reality, it'll most likely get worse. He has no boundaries from the looks of it.
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I got $5 on this scenario: he tries and gets rejected, you get drunk and hook up with her. the next 6 months are 871x more awkward and entertaining for you/HF than you ever imagined.
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What the hell is going on here?!?! How did I miss this thread?

This threads deserves 5 stars because there are no preying mantises.
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the praying mantises are there, you missed them
Just out of curiousity, do you have a safe in your room? You dont lock your door... so what do you do with your valuables? Having two new roomies, I would suggest you invest in one.

Oh yea, keep us up to date, love this story! You should write a book!
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aite, i don't have much time right now, but i need quick advice right now!

basically, i need to find a graceful way out of this situation:

the control freak bossman wants to have the whole house have a bbq to celebrate our newest new housemate (yes, the female one that the bossman totally has a crush on).

well, our gay housemate is a sneaky bastard and is not picking up his cell, presumably because he knows we're trying to get him back home for the bbq. i say "we" because i'm doing the calling because i WANT him here. the bossman, the female housemate, and i together is going to be torturous for me...because i already know that the bossman is going to be smothering her and being unnecessarily macho and aggressive over me to try to impress her and crap (he's already done that just 5 minutes ago). i don't retaliate, but i don't even want to just neutralize his attacks because bossman is the jealous type. i need to find a way to get out of this situation! and i can't call a friend up to join me because the bossman is being a control freak and wants only the house members. speaking of control freak, i started joking with the new female housemate during the "confrontation" 5 minutes ago and the bossman literally said "hey what's going on here i'm the mediator here i won't tolerate insubordination!" i think he was trying to be funny, but it wasn't. and right now, the female housemate is leading the bossman on (no, she's not attracted to him). argh, i want to stay out of this but without being rude!

i have like 15 minutes now to figure this out. i already gave them a time contraint by telling them that i have to leave to my friend's place 8pm (which is true anyway).
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Where the fuck do you live??????? Shawshank? That sounds dreadful. Does this guy run everyones' life?
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oh, forgot one other important detail:

the bossman managed to trap me into cooking a bbq for today for our new roommates, and i didn't know how to say "no" to him a few days ago. i knew it wouldn't work out, and it turns out i was right. however, the bossman is persistent and was able to hustle the female roommate (and i, i guess) into getting sushi. damn gay roommate won't pick up his phone!

he worries me the most though because he's the type that easily gets pussy whipped. he'll do anything to impress the ladies, even if it means acting totally shitty.
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So he doesn't want you to talk to her, really, but you two are supposed to do sushi?
He's really strange, like kinda wacko strange. I got nothin.
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Originally Posted by begret View Post
So he doesn't want you to talk to her, really, but you two are supposed to do sushi?
He's really strange, like kinda wacko strange. I got nothin.
EXACTLY! couldn't have summed it up any better!
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i think he wants me there so he can use me to impress her or something.

i won't even go into the relationship the gay housemate and her have developed just because i'm pressed for time at the moment.
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If that asshole baits you, then yells at you to impress her, that's Oprah, NO Jerry Springer material!!!!!!
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well, it is past 6:30pm now, and the two are still here in the living room. when they start leaving, i'll just tell them i'll meet up with them. will buy me some time to think of something. chances are though that i'll figure something out on the spot...i perform the best under pressure.
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Just start screaming and then 5 minutes later claim you have been abducted by aliens during that time. This sounds crazy, but I am sure it's "better" than a lot of shit other people are going through. Text a friend and ask them to call you... Hell you can PM me or begret and I'll call you so you can leave. You need to LEAVE that house RIGHT NOW.
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