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hooking up with a housemate/apartmentmate - yay or nay? - Page 6

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Originally Posted by biodiesel View Post
Which roommate?
female roommate.
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This thread keeps getting more and more interesting lol.
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Originally Posted by ricecracker View Post
Really? That seems like the worst person to flirt with!
My ex's sorority sisters used to all flirt with me when we were out together. It was all pretty harmless, they knew they could goof off with me and it was all in fun.

lol even if I thought they ment something by it, I found out the truth after we broke up . . . no friend hookups for me
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like a ninja in the night, i was able to capture a 60 second clip of the conversation with my cellphone in the kitchen as i pretended to get a spoon. yes, it took me more than a minute to grab a spoon lol.

i lost track of what was going on because i was just talking to a friend on the phone, but by the time i got off, the bossman was able to get his foot in the proverbial door and it seems like things have really simmered down. you can still make out the residual tension though between bossman and gayman as they pretend to have a friendly conversation...you can also hear the female intermittently break into the conversation.

download link:

http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.ph...aa2f4e0658c d
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Can I nominate this thread for the Best Drama category?
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i kinda feel bad though...like i'm partially responsible for all this. i knew that tension was almost inevitable when you throw a stereotypical gay guy, a girl, and a guy who has a crush on the girl together and isn't very good at handling social pressure. it's like a bizarre love triangle, but not really because the gay guy loves the girl except for the sex part.

i have nothing against gay people, but i've now made the decision that i don't like this guy AT ALL. 2 simple reasons:

1. he doesn't respect people's boundaries, e.g. going into my room to use my tv and dvd player and computer without my permission.

2. he fucking speaks spanish ALL THE FUCKING TIME with the girl while we're in the same room. that is just rude. if you listened to that 60 second clip, i'm guessing they were talking about foreign languages probably because either the bossman or the girl confronted the issue of not speaking english with other people around. however, the bossman just left the scene, and i was in the kitchen again and he's still talking in fucking spanish.

another reason, but not as big as those 2, is that this guy is fucking racist against blacks. it's too complicated to explain, but basically, all 4 of us were in the room talking and the gay guy and i were talking and his rantings were obviously racist, and the 3 of us were like uh wtf and looking at each giving that wtf look.

i predict a week before the bossman confronts me about what i think about gayman. when he asks, i'll tell him everything in this post.
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^ UP until the racist part... I was like "So when are we gonna talk sitcom here???" Let's come up with a script for a pilot. I am sure NBC can use something nice for their 2008 fall lineup.

Tel the gay guy that their's something called "karma" that he should read up the next time he sneaks into your room to use the Internet.
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Wait, I'm still not seeing female-pics. :P
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i have her sister's myspace, which i'm sure has a picture of said female roommate somewhere. not sharing that though.
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the gay housemate has just submitted his 30 day notice. i asked the bossman how he can just leave despite him having another 5 more months on the lease, but he had no good answer.

bottomline though is that we're pissed at this guy. he had no respect for us and shamelessly used us and left.
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Boss'girl is probably next.
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No, not_a_virus is next
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