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where is the TR outlet?
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Holy shit! I hope you/he are okay!
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luckee, i might go next week on tue when my friend gets a rental car because someone hit her new bmw. i will let you know.
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^Yeah, so if any of you guys are going and are taking orders, I definitely need a pair or two of TRs, depending on how much they are. *points to her wishlist*

I need my "casual" jeans back!
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cheapest is $75 + 7.75 tax so i can look through the irregular
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are you going? I am very interested in some jeans.
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don't know till monday. i will post if i am going.
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sounds good. i can always give you a deposit as well.
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^^^^That sounds good. Keep me updated, please!
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ok, i will be going so tell me what you guys are looking for again and price range?
Luckee, I will be going with my friend but we are staying till dark because we don't want to drive through traffic. PM if you want to come along. We are leaving around 1030am

check out truereligionbrandjeans.com and see what the retail is.
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^i pmd u some .
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PM'd you as well.
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ok, i am leaving to work then my friends then the outlet. no more orders. sorry
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boooourns.. I miss out on everything
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Hope you got my PM in time!
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Originally Posted by sg1307 View Post
boooourns.. I miss out on everything
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don't worry guys. you didn't miss out on anything. nothing good. corduroys, fleece pants, shorts and some larger sizes like 30 and up. irregulars didn't have much selection either. most were gone and a few billys, julies, kates.
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Fooooo. I've heard of people having good hauls, too; maybe next time! Thanks for going, eh?
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that suks! i remember when i was there, there were lotsa nice ones!
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