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Are these Geisha's real ??

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And if not how do you tell ?? I need to learn these things !!!!!! THANKS !!!

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No they are not If you look at her other items she is selling tons of heavily faked items in everysize and for cheap.
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The best way I have learned to tell fake TR from real TR is to actually own a couple of pairs. I have owned so many TR so Im pretty familiar with how they look. And when you see a fake jean you automaticly notice something small like really thin stitching, A horshoe that looks too much like a "U" than an one that has actual curves. Just the small stuff.
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^^yeah, i completely agree. when i didnt own any TRs it was so hard for me to tell fake from auth on ebay. now that i own several pairs i am familiar with the wash/whiskering so most of the time fakes are easy for me to spot
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