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Okay my Asian friends - I've found to cure to end the GLOW

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a friend of mine told me about this and i said, pfft. but, i did it all through europe and believe me, drank ample amounts of wine and beer and everything else and DID NOT TURN RED. i usually get beet red.

the answer: 1 pepto bismol tablet (the chewable ones) before drinking. i've heard that if you take one after drinking, it can help with hangover (esp if red wine).

so, i hope it works!! let me know.

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ohhh, i wonder if that will help me - i turn red too
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Yeah, but the reason asians turn red from alcohol is because their bodies do not accept it the same way as other races....it is a reaction to it...so how would PB help?
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I've been doing this for awhile, not for the redness since I don't really get the glowy. I do it because my stomach always turns to acid when I drink and it's seriously uncomfortable so I have to self-induce puking sometimes. Any medication for acid reflex will work, simple over the counter Pepcid AC or Tums will be alright too.
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i've heard this method with pepcid ac and alkaseltzer as well
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haha some of my asian friends do this and they still turn beet red.
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this asian "glow" is the worse. i get beet red short time after any amount of alcohol. once it touches my lips i can just feel the redness coming on. it gets so bad that its like my eyes get alittle puffy too. drinking around hot girls is always the worst with them always asking me if i'm ok. i'm going to give this pepto pill a try, but i think i'm just not meant to drink in this lifetime.
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the redness is in your genes, no magic pill is gona stop it.
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I've never been red before! Is it just a flushing of the face?
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I don't turn red, in fact my face turns pal white. My friends thinks I look like a ghost when I drink. What does that mean?
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"Because this syndrome is a result of DNA mutation, there is no treatment for the Asian Flush. However, much anecdotal evidence suggests that consumption of heartburn medicine containing Famotidine (such as Pepcid AC) may be able to reduce the symptoms of Asian Flush if taken an hour before drinking.[citation needed]
It is not known why famotidine may in some cases, but not all, help reduce the symptoms of the alcohol flush reaction. Alcohol is known to irritate the lining of the stomach and increase production of gastric acid. While famotidine functions by reducing gastric acid production in the stomach, it may have an additional (unknown) side effect of inhibiting alcohol dehydrogenase, slowing metabolism of alcohol to acetaldehyde, allowing the poorly functional ALDH2 to metabolize acetaldehyde to vinegar. Because inhibiting alcohol oxidation increases alcohol in the blood, however, people may be more easily inebriated."

very interesting stuff
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My cousins actually joke that I get pale when I drink. lol
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i get red when I'm drunk, or i get pale if I'm about to yak. I still look horrid either way.

thanks for the tip Helen! I will def try this the next time!
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Doesn't work, my friends have tried it before.
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^ might work for some people, and not others. just like some get the flush, others don't. i think everyone just has to try it for themselves.
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How come I dont turn red...? Thats so weird. One of my friend, who is Asian, her whole body turns red not juss her face. Korean people are such 'alcoholics' though.. lols
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Sounds interesting, I am not Asian but suffer from the problem or something quite similar. I will see if it works if I drink any alcohol anytime soon
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i think it's just the type of blood that you have. out of our of friends, only I and another guy turn red, we both have type O blood.
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It's supposed to be when you are missing a particular enzyme
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i've never tried it... but i'll be sure to the next time my friends and i go out drinkin'
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I drank my way out of it.

Seriously. I used to get red on my face, and a red rash on my body from alcohol... so I moved to Ireland, drank like an Irish person, and voila! No more flush.

Have no idea why it stopped. Maybe my body just built up a tolerance.
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i'm so glad that i don't turn red but i'll tell pple who get red when they drink to take PB and see if it works
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I get red as a cherry here too, even after 1 beer, but I can handle 6 drinks - spaced out. But here's the funny part - why are asians known to wolf down huge amounts of Cognac such as Hennessy and Remy Martin?
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