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Coach 25% off

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I don't want this to appear as a SALES thread b/c I am VERY hesitant to do this...but I want to be nice and share my good fortune.... I did receive a 25% off coupon from coach in the mail (you can find them on ebay as well if you want to buy your own).

I am planning on using it for myself. If anyone is serious about wanting me to purchase a coach bag or accessory for them, I can do it, but I will have to add on 7% NJ Sales Tax, shipping and paypal fees....

You must be serious b/c I don't want to buy something for you and then have you back out and then I would have to make an extra trip to the mall to return the item.

I am going to buy this one..my chloe is just too heavy for everyday use.


If the mods feel that this is too 'salesy' then feel free to lock it. I am not going to put it in the accessories section b/c I only wanted limited traffic on my offer... those of us that are a little bag crazy...
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I don't need anything now but I just wanted to stay that that's such a nice offer. That's really sweet of you to do that.
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^ exactly what smalls said =)
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Aww man I just bought one...
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Just for clarification.. it is 25% off the entire purchase... so I can buy my bag plus whatever anyone else wants...
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will you ship to Canada?
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If you pay for the shipping... sure, I dont' mind.
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just wanted to say that's very nice of you to offer!

my sis-in-law gets these coupons all the time... she's a Coach fanatic! i don't shop there enough to get these coupons, though. i really like the legacy stuff, but there's nothing i absolutely want (or need) right now.
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do you know where i could get the white with brown coach daphne?
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aww what a generous offer and i think your bag that you chose is nice
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Originally Posted by lucybelle308 View Post
do you know where i could get the white with brown coach daphne?
you can't get a daphne any more from coach. it was a limited edition. try ebay
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Does the offer still stands?
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Originally Posted by nixxy View Post
Does the offer still stands?
I think the coupon expired on 3/25.
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Aaaww... thanks anyway~
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yes, it expired a week ago. I didn't buy the bag either. I am trying to turn over a new leaf with my spending... even if it means I dont get a coupon the next time around.
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