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Stevie Steel Owners

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I know this is likely somewhere on HF1, but I'm too lazy to search :P

Did you guys size down for these, or are they TTS?
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you want to get them tight b/c they stretch out. there's no spandex/elasterell in them they're cotton and polyester. i got 27 and they're really tight on me but the stretch out w/ wear
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I tried them on a couple days ago and put it on hold. I think it runs pretty TTS. I tried on a size 26; the waist was fine, but the thighs were a little tight. I have some massive thighs so I had to get a 27. (I'm normally a 26/27? sometimes a 25 with GREAT stretch.)
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I would size down, I am normally a 27, but HAD to have them and purchased a 28. Now they are HUGE on me and I have to sell them Size down for sure!
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I tried these on the other day and am now in love! I want these even more than my coveted fluers!! I thought they fit TTS
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