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HELP!!! Please, please, please help!

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I dropped my beloved beige pebbled leather bag in the parking lot this morning. Unbeknownst to me there were two FISH OIL capsules in there (supplements). The purse dropped RIGHT on top of one and split it.

There's nasty fish oil all over my gorgeous bag! A BIG nasty dark spot on the bottom. HUGE.

What can I do!!?!

The Coach store is 1.5 mins away but they aren't open and I'm at work.

Please, please help!

Oh god...and it smells too.
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For oil stains, use corn starch. Rub it in and let the corn starch absorb the oil. Use a light bulb to create some heat, this will facilitate the absorption of the oil into the cornstarch. Brush off with a soft toothbrush. Repeat until all oil has been removed. This is good for purse handles that have darkened due to hand oils.

Keep the bag out of direct sunlight

To remove odor from handbags, place a container of baking soda inside the bag. The larger the surface area the better. Heat will help release the odor, so the baking soda can absorb it. You may have to change out the baking soda a couple of times. Then Febreze the interior of the bag, not the leather.

Unfinished leathers (darken with water):

If you get oil on your handbag, place corn starch on it immediately. Rub it in and wait for a while, until the oil has been absorbed. Use heat to speed up the process (lamp bulb).
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Yup, exactly what elisabeth said.
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Wow, great tips!
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wow Elisabeth- that is a great tip. I had no idea. Good to know (although hopefully I won't have to use it ).
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I went to the Coach store as soon as it opened at 10:00 am. They said I was screwed - in a nice way. I called the Coach line. They said I was screwed - also, in a nice way. The Coach phone line at least directed me to a leather repair place that they use up in Jersey. Both places gave me a 25% discount on a future bag.

I tried the cornstarch after I got home from work (it happened at 8:30 in the morning) with no luck.

The bag is ruined.

I'm going to send it off today to the leather people and hope. But I think it's a lost cause.

Thank you for your help!
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ohh Im sorry Maybe the leather people can do something for you.
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I hope the leather place can help you.

If not, there's a place on Madison Ave in NY that deals with repairs of all types of expensive leather and handbags. You may want to see what they say. Their website kinda stinks, but take a look at their FAQ's and their clients:

Artbag Creations – Quality Custom Leather Goods and Repairs
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well that sucks find someplace that will use high pressure warm air to "blow" the oil out of the bag. the oil will leave a "slight" discoloration on a lght bag, but with conditioning and cleaning it will be hardly noticeable.
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