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Hi all,

Sorry to repeat but I posted just before all the old topics were removed and didn't get all answers.

I was conned by Fashionglow (sister company to who tried to sell me fake VB Crystal Crowns. I returned them after advising that 1. they didn't even send the jeans I ordered and 2. that I suspected they were fake (awful counterfeits in my opinion).

They assured me they only sell authentic jeans (!) and that I would be sent a full refund for USD 273.00 including the cost I incurred to mail the wrong jeans back.

One month down the line - no refund, no reponse to phone calls, no response to emails from either Fashionglow or Shopchic.

Yes I know I made the fatal mistake of paying by wire transfer but wonder if there's any action I can take against them to get my money back even though I am in the UK? I have numerous emails from them admitting to their error and promising refund has/will be sent. I have kept all this info.

I don't want anyone else getting caught by these awful people. Have seen on other forums that people have been caught by their wholesale offers as well.

I have emailed Rock & Republic advising that they are selling what I belive to be counterfeit jeans. Fashionglow have cleverly seemed to stop advertising R&R bu Shopchic seem to be advertising them again as when you do an index search on the site R&R items come up to purchase.