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Hey can we all tell Hips not to worry about sending us thank you notes back and that sort of thing, I wouldn't want her to feel overwhelmed at having to say thank you to us, you know?
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That really is sweet of you, but I think that at very least, we can do thank you notes when Zee is back in full force. Thank you. That is amazingly kind.
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you are an amazing husband! =]
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I appreciate that. When Zee and I were married, I asked her to make me one promise that revolved around all that we do; Try your best. I figure as long as we go about all that we do, even if we do fall short of the goal, we can rest easy knowing that we put our best effort in to it. As for being a good husband, I am truly just a muted version of the wife Lynsey is to me. I am truly blessed.
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