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OMG....How did this happen??

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I'm suppose to be on a shopping ban. Instead in the last week I got:

1 Hermes handbag
2 Balenciaga handbags
1 Bulga handbag
1 Hermes Scarf
6 Rogue Escape Pods
3 Rogue Escape Bag charms
1 Pair of Jeans

This is bad...I'm suppose to be raising money to pay off a sudden debt that appeared overnight.....Stupid AmEx and their flip flopping on policy! My bill is not due until the 22nd and now I need to pay this month and next month by midnight tonight!!

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Holy frack!!
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WOW!!!!!!!! You must've had fun on that shopping spree!!
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Not really....I forget what I buy a lot because I leave them in the shopping bags or just simply don't remember. I'll walk around in my room find a bag, open it, and be like "Wow, I completely forgot I had these!" or they come in the mail and I get all excited because I'm not exactly sure what in it. In fact, I went to get the mail just now....apparently I also got a shirt and 2 bras I forgot about. :shame:

Oh, and a custom made bag charm for my Balenciaga. I actually ordered it months ago but it's finally complete now
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Good Lord. That's a lot of $$$.
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I am jealous!! (not of the cc bill, but the purchases!)
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LOL! I'm not loving the bill, but I did get them all at good prices. Darn it, that's my downfall, I can hardly say no to a great deal!
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whoa! that's a lot of stuff. you're name should be lizlovespurses instead
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wow~~ must be so nice to be getting all those goodies!! you should post a pic and let me live through ya!!!!! =)
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I feel too guilty for pics which is why I usually hide them for a while. But I'll post them in a bit.

I was on the phone with my BF and he's like, "There is a huge box outside your door" and I replied "Is it UPS? If so, it's my new Balenciaga!" and he goes "Wait, what?? When did you get that?" and I'm like "Ooops! Didn't I tell you? I got another one...."
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Some of them are still on the way to me. But here are handbags I've been hiding.

05 Balenciaga Rouge Theatre Twiggy

05 Balenciaga Chocolate Day

Hermes Garden Party Twilly with red silk lining and matching twilly

Hermes Garden Party Twilly with orange bolduc ribbon lining and matching twilly

Burberry Ostritch (My First Exotic leather bag!)
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Coming soon....(Not my pics)

I got the 4 on the left side, they are Alice in Wonderland:

Back is Chesire Cat:

Murr Cat Pod:

Murr Cat Back:

Car Pod:

Durer Firgures (Left), I already have the snake and egg one:

Bag Charms:

Custom Bag Charm:


Hermes Scarf:
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Liz you are CRAZY!!

But I looooooove the brown colored Hermes bag it's so gorgeous *_*
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Liz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are one crazy girl But, I love all of it!!!
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I love both Hermes!! So pretty!

This is a really stupid question, but what are pods?
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It's a limited edition set made by an independent artist in Ireland. I LOVE them. She was inspired by the Planet/Boobie from Balenciaga. I like the pods more for the goth/rock vibe and because they are flat on one side so it looks good against my bag as opposed to the spheres Balenciaga has.
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Love the leather garden party. I'd be happy with the canvas one, nevermind the leather.
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omg, LOVE your hermes!!!! I saw the ostrich burberry one somewhere... love that as well!
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Wow! That's a lot of loot!
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you totally ditched your shopping ban. i am a huge impulse buyer and im always on a ban lol
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i loveeeeeee your custom bag charm!

you always have the nicest things
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jesus liz, what u bought in the pass week, i probably can't even buy in a year. lol. except for the jeans . u are such a LUCKY GURL!!!!
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Tanks for all the compliments =)

It's not so lucky once you see my CC bill. Thankfully I was able to pay off almost all of it. I guess I just have to suck it up and pay the APR for once in my life =P What ticks me off is it's not even a balance being carried over, they changed the policy on my convenience check and are charging daily instead off when the next statement is, April 20th. GR......
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