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Cuffed for SURE.
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cuffed for sure
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Originally Posted by ttramell View Post
where is pics??
Sorry, DH has my camera in his truck and he's not home!!

But I found an old pic of me in them, here it is:

Everyone looks so good...and what a cute baby bump!
And, I say cuffed too!
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Thanks for the input ladies! Cuffed it is! Beth, love the idea of hemming later for a little different look!

Seriously, this should be a sticky! Finally a WAYWT thread for the SFAM gang!
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Signature bootcuts (orange squiggle)...a classic! I put on my pj's now, so no pics today...next time!

Bethm: GORGEOUS belly! I was ROTUND all five times.

CUFFED, definitely.
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Cuffed ~ and make this a sticky!
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Bethm7~ You look soooo good pregnant!!!!!! I carried the same way w/ my first. I say Girl You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Y'all look sooooo good!!!!I would take pics but I have been in my jammies all day. I need to find one of the 8 camera cards my son lost LOL I got to new pairs and I am afraid to post pics.
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beth - you are too cute with that baby bump.
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Everyone looks great! This should definitely be stickied
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Erin dont you be scared you are hottttt!
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Here goes, my first butt pic! These are even getting a little big which means I must have lost a few pounds. (YEA!) Anyway, they are bootcut in Morocco (I think). Beth, you look great!
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I'm wearing my dojos w/ grommets today. I would post pics, but my camera is dead.
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I wore my Hong Kong A's today (that I got from you Tiff). I am already in my PJ's so there are no pics
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wore my NYD Pink Sigs. wohoo Not my best fitting pair, but I wanted them forever so I don't even care

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Noway those look smazing and I think that is first time I seen butt!! I am glad you finally got them
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Everyone is so cute in their jeans!

Beth, you look great! You don't even look pregnant in the front or back pics! Wow! ....and I'm gonna say boy!
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Originally Posted by bethm7 View Post
Ok, I can contribute!! If you can believe it... I am wearing non-maternity sevens today. I bought some NYD's from HM two sizes larger than my non-preggo size thinking I would convert to maternity... but they are low enough to wear. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant! Since many of you have been wishing me luck and such... i thought you could see what my bump looks like. I even included a bare-belly one ...hope its not too scary We don't know what we're having.... so if you have any thoughts on boy vs girl let me know!

The only maternity jeans that I still like and fit are two pairs of citizens maternity and a cheapo pair from mimi-maternity

They look great, and I love your bump! You're really caring it well!
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Heres what I tried on this morning. I am either a, getting a tummy tuck or b, buying a gurdle that goes up to my neck.

My new pink A's & Antwerp Dojos

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love all the pictures
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/\Gasp! Stop it, you are adorable!!! I love both pairs on you! No tummy tuck/girdle needed there! Unless of course you really want it, then...there's nothing wrong with it! Totally considering having work done myself!!!
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You guys all look great!
Beth, I'm going to say baby boy!
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^^^^^ I like your Top^^^^^ You didn't just get it ?????
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whoops I changed (I have had that top for lonnnng time lol

old navy tank
juicy hoodie
dmn patch bootcuts

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romansmom-those pink A's fit you PERFECT.
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