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booooohoooooo :-( :-( sammy's don't like me :-(

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as i lost a lot of weight i decided to sell all my nonstretch sammy's......

here's my first try to replace them..........

i think they make my butt look weird

maybe sammy's are not made for me ???????

what do you think ?????

and............ please be honest..
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i think your butt looks good, but to be honest, i don't think that is the best wash for sammys.
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Honestly, I don't think those make your butt look weird at all. I think they look really nice.
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I think the jeans look good on you, but I don't like the wash, and the pockets look tiny. I think you'd look much better in a darker wash.
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^^ Ohhhh... Tiff is right, a darker wash would look really nice!

I am a Joey girl all the way, but those Sammys are really nice on you!
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i like them on you, and i like the wash You look really good in all but 1 picture, IMO. the side view isn't the best, but who cares, they look great from the front and the back
i do love dark urban cowboy better though. i have that wash in sammys and love them.
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I have seen you in jeans that are more flattering. Sammys are the hardest style to wear. I can't pull off the full length but manage okay w/ the crops.
Maybe a darker wash will work better for you?
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edited for clarification

K, those acutally look pretty good on you considering, IMO it has to be the worst pair of Sammy's ever made. That wash is so weird and the fit is so odd. The pockets are smaller than other washes. IMO it's just a bad pair.

Edit: I just realized my post sounded like I was talking specifically about that pair on you. I meant not that particular pair on you per se, but that style and wash in total. I had them and it was the same for me. I had to size down 2 sizes and they looked so bad and fit terribly and SO different from my other Sammy's.
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I think they look good in all the pics except the side pic....BTW are those the ones I sold you?
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tell me how you lost all that weight
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i don't know what you guys are talking about but i think you look awesome in them! you wear them really well!
and i don't sugarcoat things. seriously. if you can pull off that wash, which i think you can, then go for it
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They look great, definitely nice buy, I think from the side view though, they do look a little tight. Are they comfortable atleast?
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the backside looks nice but the front isnt very flattering on the thighs.
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what thighs
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I think everyone here is crazy, and that they look AWESOME on you! I have the same pair, and I would've killed for them. I had to size up in em. They're stretch MUC right? You should most def. KEEP them!
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I think it's just the wash and those extreme creases made by it. The jeans themselves look great on you. Maybe try a different wash?
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I'm the type that won't say you look good if I don't think they look good- and I think those look really good!! I wish sammy's looked that good on me!!
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I think they fit you well
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Well if I had these jeans I'd wear them

I think they look good on you though really, but if you're not going to wear them sell them and get a different pair.

I like Sammys just to mix up my TR.
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I think they're cute, and that they look great on you. Keep them, they're a nice change from everday regular TRs
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I think they look cute from the front and definitely from the back. On the side pic, the pockets look like they're pulling down. Part of that is from the fading that seems to point in a downward direction and then making everything go down. Is that making sense? And I love medium urban cowboy so I typically wouldn't talk smack about that wash.
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i think they fit you nicely, however i'm not a fan of the wash either
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they look great on you! but the wash is ickkk
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