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Need advice on 3 gucci bags

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Im looking to buy a gucci, and have my mind set on a yellow one. Spring is in the air, and everywhere I go, yellow just gets my attention.

What do you guys think of these 3, and which one should I get (I know there is a white one there too, and be honest about yucky yellow). It might just be a phase.

So Confused..
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I like the shape of the 1st bag but I don't like the strap.

If you're into yellow, go for #3
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i really like the first one. where are you planning on purchasing?
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I really like the first one and third one ~ depending on what type of bag you are looking for
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I really like the first one.
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So it seems that #2 has been thrown out the gutter.

The white looks dressed down & casual. #3 the gold makes it dressier. #2 seems like its in b/w.

I guess Im looking for somewhere in between. Something practical & I would get more use of the bag. Im surprised no one liked the 2nd one?

If I get#1, the strap is not so fab, true. But I'll have a hard time dressing up w/ it. But it is white and wearable at anytime.

If I get #3, for sure it's a seasonal bag. but it is pretty.

Why cant life be easy? LOL. so, still confused..
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#1 by far....seems the most versatile to me. Oh and I want one too!!!
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I like #1 the most.
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I like the shape of #1 but the strap not so much... I think you can do better. Keep looking.

Number 3 I love love IF .. can you take off the strap and wear it as a clutch? so chic! I don't think that would be considered seasonal but it definately won't be as versatile as the first one.
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number 3 looks pretty cool. have you decided yet?
i don't know if 3 would fit anything really though. it looks really really flat like an envelope. number 1 is pretty cool too. that yellow isn't really happening for number 2
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#1 is more versatile and # 3 is dressy, I don't like # 2 that much.
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I like number 3 the best, I just don't know how practical it would be.
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the 1st one i really dont like the 3rd one
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The first one....I'm not a big fan of the yucky yellow
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i think it's a tie b/w #1 and #3, and im not gonna go around buying both of em.
LOL, well, like what xtina said, maybe i can do better and look some more. im not really all over that white one.

i'll be in LA in april, im on a mission to do some major shopping. i might just wait. any good places to shop in LA, for those who are from there?
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