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Yes, Victoria's Secret, the very sexy line is the best for adding volume AND making them touch like teenagers on lovers lane.
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i wish i had some more volume. anyone willing to share some of theirs with me?
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try those Victorias secret pushup without padding bras, for me they push up and out so boobies dont touch. lol

try this!
Victoria's Secret - NEW! Push-up without padding balconet bra
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see, I like demi or balconet bras. That is about the best shape for me. I was never perky, maybe in the 3rd grade, so until I get surgical help, I won't naturally be filling a plunge bra.
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Don't all boobs touch when you have cleavage? Otherwise you get that fake boob look going, where there's volume but they are so far apart that they don't make cleavage. OORRR you get the old "tube sock" look. I've seen women who have large breasts but I don't know what goes wrong, maybe they're not perky enough or maybe not full enough, they're big but they just sorta hang apart from eachother. So hard to explain!
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well, with a demi or balconet, they can be next to each other very closely and still not be touching. This is preferable for me. If I went for separation, they would be sticking out far and rather pointed or something. I have pretty much given up of the shirt 'resting' in between the girls. If that is able to happen then I am in a WAY oversized shirt. Oh to be a C-cup!!!
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I'd like to be a C cup too... my D's make it hard to find tops that fit right, cause my frame is so small...and I just know that in a few more years they'll be down at my ankles from gravity. IMO C is the perfect size.
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^Give me a cup size
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I love getting new bras...I bought one of the AE ones last week that was $10 shipped, and it fits like a dream! I also realized that wearing the right size looks so much nicer...
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LOL, compulsive - gladly!

98CLChick, I know what you mean... I was wearing the wrong size for years (34B) until I got fitted properly. As soon as I saw how proper the fit of a 32D was, I couldn't believe I thought the other size had fit me.

It was that Oprah episode that encouraged me to get them fitted... remember the one?
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Yogi, where'd you get fitted? I have heard that alot of places will ask you what you wear then measure you something you're not wearing just to sell you some bras. I once had someone do it at VS and she measured me as what I was wearing but I still don't trust it!
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you can get fitted at any place that sells bras.. i worked at Victoria Secret summers in college and I was in charge of the bra room did all the fittings.. i can also tell you how to do it

also I have that fibercystic breast syndrome or whatever the medical commnuity is calling it this week but my boobs are hard perky and firm hahaha guess that is a good thing as i age.. mine will never touch but they are like two orange/grapefruit halves just stuck there.. so some boobs wont ever touch and arent fake and are still natural

the right bra and fit def will make all the difference.. also when putting it on making sure you pull in and lift is important too .. the cup and pull hahaha
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^teach me how to measure
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ok my friend.. get a tape measure and measure underneath the breasts..for example mine is 33in rounded.. so this will give me my size of 34... then take the tape measure again and measure around but this time measure at the fullest part of the breasts.. mine is a 35 almost 36 in.. you take the difference from the two measurements and each inch is supposed to be a cup size.. so this would make me a 34B- 34 C depending on the bra fit...

and once you fasten the bra and scoot it around bend over and lift cup and pull each breast in as you pull up the strap to get the best fit in the bra
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Coool beanos. ;D Thanks hun!
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Originally Posted by xtina054 View Post
Yogi, where'd you get fitted? I have heard that alot of places will ask you what you wear then measure you something you're not wearing just to sell you some bras. I once had someone do it at VS and she measured me as what I was wearing but I still don't trust it!

I got measured at Myers here in Sydney, and again at Marks & Spencer in Dublin. Both are big and reputable stores, so I trusted them.... I usually wear slightly padded bras (I've got a problem with my high beam headlights being permanently on) and so it was harder for me to notice how bad the fit was... as soon as they put me in a soft cup, balconette style, I could see what they meant.
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I did it they way you said, JD, and my rib cage is 29 1/2" and the fullest part is 35 1/2".... what does that make me? Were they right?
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sounds about right.. 32 D is what they told you right? probably have to wear the 32 on the tightest hook huh?

but yeah that sounds about right..

my friend was always buying a 34 B in soft cups no wires one day I gently informed her she should let me pick one out for her.. she is a small 32 A amazing how the right bra can do wonders for you

oh and Yogi I have the permanent Headlight problem too so its always a padded bra for me in the summer I wear a lot of tops to go without a bra but I have to use a little scotch tape or those petals things to keep the "excitement" hidden from others hahaha
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I tired those things and they didn't work... it just made them look more lumpy... maybe I was using them wrong. It is seriously so embarrassing. I hate it.
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well half the time I have to push down the nip ( I swear it is like an eraser on a pencil ugghhh) and then place the scotch tape down fast.. if it is tight then it keeps it down LOL but the petals do look lumpy

also I found a new stick on bra thing nubra.. and now I use that.. and it is awesome but I am not quite as blessed as you... my grandmother and mother did not pass down their ample genetics and thus as a full 34B/C I don't require too much support hee hee
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ugg, I am not usually very 'nipply' but when I am, you can see every ridge and bump, it pisses me off....
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hm i dont really have a problem with that either, my cleavage doesnt touch unless im wearing a reallyyy tight tanktop or something that squeeze my boobs togetherr. but iono, i dont like wearing tops that shows alot of cleavage either, i feel uncomtable and having people look at them haha. i always buy tops that have a higher neckline nowadais but yeah i think its depends on the braa. which one did oprah recommend? and she recommend it for what? for ur boobs to look bigger?...

yeah i like VC as well, i like the body ones, its really comtable and i lovee it
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I have like the opposite problem regarding headlights ... its gotta be really cold for mine to "awaken". I once bought those fake stick on nipples that were featured in an episode of Sex and the City just to see what kind of attention I would get.. They were crazy pronounced, like you'd have to be blind not to stare at them. I think I wore them 1x.
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Clearly I'm wearing the wrong bra...
I normally buy a 32 B...
But when I followed Southern's instructions, I measured 28 and 33...
So what size am I?
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