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Poll Results: What kind of underwear(guys)?

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what do guys wear these days? Boxers, Briefs, Boxer-Briefs, floss?
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Why does it matter? Talking about underwear is usually brought upon by some underwear fetishist anyways.
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just wondering how everyone is supporting the package under these tight jeans
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man, why is everyone so jumpy tonight? it's just a benign conversational question.

i wear boxers, even though it's really annoying how it bunches up when you wear tight jeans
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i wear very low-rise briefs
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i hate when it bunches up, i need new boxer briefs. i have downsized too much :[
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Square cut boxer briefs
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briefs and boxer briefs.
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CK briefs

only the red band ones.. they are very nice with low rise jeans..
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calvin klein pro stretch and the likes. some pull-in as well,but not the fancy ones
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low rise boxer trunk briefs - aussiebum, 2x(ist), and diesel of course

boxers with tight jeans is gross IMO I would rather free ball
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^why is it gross?
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Originally Posted by Aarendil View Post
^why is it gross?
the bunching it causes is extremely uncomfortable
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Yeah when i wear tight jeans boxers bunch up like crazzee...think im gonna try some boxer briefs
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Low-rise briefs only, for the sake of my future children
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Yep. 2xist has some awesome low rise briefs that I wear with Diesels. Can get 'em on Amazon.
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Originally Posted by mongoos150 View Post
Yep. 2xist has some awesome low rise briefs that I wear with Diesels. Can get 'em on Amazon.
I like the 2xist boxer briefs and the briefs a lot.
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Alright, I'll try them. Who makes a good boxer brief? It'll take a lot to sway me from my Banana Republic boxer shorts.
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You don't want a 100% cotton boxer brief. You want some sort of material with stretch in it.
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Where's the commando option? The bf and I swore off underwear once we started wearing tighter jeans.
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That's naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-sty.
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In my experience, its all about the trunk over the boxer brief. The legs on boxer briefs are too long and when ya put the jeans on they ride up, then you have to push 'em down, and if you don't, you'll have a think underwear line on your thigh (holy run-on sentence)! Get trunks with some kind of lyrcra. They're comfortable and will make you feel pretty. ha ha ha.
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