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I need more Lacoste shirts!

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I looked in my closet and figured out I have to step up my polo shirt collection......I need to get more Lacoste, I want to get another pair of Lacoste shoes.....and then a vintage polo in red, a retro fit, a yellow one, and some other color, and a multicolor stripe one, and one with the silver alliagator..............I like some Ralph Lauren Polo as well!!!!!!!!!! Where do you find more of the silver croc polos?????
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Ah... Lacoste. As the preppiest person on the forum, I can tell you that finding the best polos is a challenge. Lacoste you really do need to buy either in store or at a department store (like nordies), there are WAY too many fakes on ebay to risk it. I've found that later Ralph Laurens are much thicker/softer, but the new ones are thinner (eh, not really my style).

Did you try J Crew? I'm sure they have some nice ones for guys (although they look horrible on me).

My all time personal favorite for guys has to be Brooks Brothers. You should really check them out. They have super great quality, and the fit works for most people (I think it works well if you have broad shoulders and are shaped somewhat like a rectangle).

Although hopping between polo brands is fun, find the one that fits you best and stick to it.
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check out fred perry polos
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Hell yeah, Fred Perry! If you're looking for something Retro, Fred Perry is definitely IT!
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i gotta lacoste after shave... its really soothing... plus i just got a present of a lacoste t-shirt from my girl friend... isn't that awsome
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I have a couple Fred Perry polos I would sell in the mall..what size are you? If they are your size I can give you a good deal on them
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