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paige premium sizing

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is it just me, or does paige premium run REALLY small? I am a 27 in sevens and TR, but the 29 laurel canyons are snug on me. i can barely manage the 28 hollywood hills. anyone else experience this? the paige website insists they run true to size/ doe sthat mean my true size is a 28 or 29 rather than a 27 or 28? lol.
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imo i think they run tts. i am a 24 in other brands and all my paiges are 24's as well. they fit perfectly.
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they run TTS to a tad small IMO
I'm a small 24 and the size 24 LCs fit me a little snug and I can wear a size 25
It might also depend on the wash and cut
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mine run a bit smaller as well
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i wear a size 27 in COH, a 27/28 in SFAM and a 28 in paige. due to all the vanity sizing, i don't even know what my true size is, but i'd say paige runs a little smaller than COH and SFAM.
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Imo, Paige runs slightly smaller...maybe 1/2 size? Anything Laurel Canyon though, I can always go up a size. The great thing about Paige is that they are awesome at keeping their shape, so if you size up, you don't really have to deal with the saggy bum issue, after a few wears.
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I think Paige runs a whole size smaller, at least the Las Palmas in Dark Clean I have. I'm usually a 27 in everything and took a 28 in the Paiges. And they're still a little tight. Maybe it's just the style/wash/cut combo I have (Laurel Canyon.)
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i find that they run a little small (maybe 1/2 size like someone said above) but they stretch out to fit perfectly. i love paiges, they're so flattering! my hollywood hills stretched out a lot more than my laurel canyons though, so i'd say it's safe to size up on those if you don't like them too tight.
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Mine run smaller. Its teh only brand I wear a 29 in and they are super tight.
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I just bought a pair of Laurel Canyons in the Lagoon wash, size 29. they are snug, but I like my jeans a little roomier than most people. they sales girl at nordstrom told me they're going to stretch out a LOT. i told her i have the hollywood hills in the same wash and that they didn't stretch, and she's like, "well, the laurel canyons do." lol. so I guess I'll see. anyone have the laurel canyons lagoons?
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Wierd ~ Paige seems TTS to a bit large for me . . . I think its because they stretch out so much? I think it also depends on the wash and style . . .
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I have a pair of LC Lagoon and LC Medium Clean. I think the Lagoon fit a big bigger. It's definately roomier in the knees/legs. I love my paige's b/c they hold their shape so well and is super flattering on. I wear a sz. 28 in the LC but for other brands such as SFAM, Hudson I size down in the stretch jeans.
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I wear a 25 in absolutely everything but Paige LC's. I think the LC's fit a bit slimmer through the waist and hip though. The Melrose fit snuggly but I think they stretch a lot. From what a lot of people have mentione before, PPD tends to stretch
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Mine always ran TTS to a bit big on me. I prefer the LC version though HH is to high rise on me.

It may just be whatever your hips to thigh ratio is though so they will fit all differently I guess.
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It seems a half size small I'd say too. I can always wear a 26 or a 27...the 26 fits the same as the 27 after I wear it a few times...lol... its great to have 2 sizes instead of 1 work as a back up option!
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All of my COH and Sevens are 24 and fit the same as my Paige LC dark clean and Paige Pico midnight rocker which are both 25.
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They run 2 sizes too small for me, and even then they're still tight! i would be more comfy in the 30s. so weird, cus in EVERYTHING else i am 27 or 28. Only the dark clean stretches for me, not the Lagoon. I have such a balanced, proportioned body, i don't know why tehy don't fit me. 5'7 and a half, 132 pounds, hourglass. i think maybe they fit better on girls with thinner thighs? my thighs are not fat, but they are not what i'd call thin either. anyone else with a similar body type and who paige doesn't work for?
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I would say TTS to small too
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They run a whole size smaller imo
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My girlfriend wears a 25ish in everything else, but 27 in her Paiges
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Strange....I have eleven pairs of Paiges in various styles and washes - it's rare that I can fit a size smaller in COH, TR, Habitual or Joe's. SFAM have never fit me well but that's another story for another time.

BTW, COH are my faves right after Paige.

But back to the point, what is TTS? I would think brand consistency would rank highly in that regard. With that in mind, I have found Paige to be very consistent. With rare exception, Hollywood Hills in Sardinian Sea probably being the one, I'm always a 30 in Paige. And I have a lot of experience in Paige.
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my girlfriend loves these and said they run true to size
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I think I have a pretty good amount of experience with Paige's also and I wear the same size or one size smaller in most of the LC washes - but I have what is known as a boy-type of figure, kind of straight, no hips, no waist, no booty.

Because they are fairly fitted in the hip and thigh, my curvier friends who wear the same (or smaller) size often can't fit into my Paige's. I think they are perfect for women with my body type, honestly.
I love them.
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^^That's funny cuz I have a big hip to waist ratio (like 26/35) or something...really curvy bubble ghetto bum, and Paige's work wonders for me! I love them, and they fit my body perfect...but I do know people who it doesn't work for....strange, I guess you truly have to try them on to know. Citizens don't work for me too well cuz my bums so big that the pockets seem too high for example.
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I think they are TTS to one size big (depending on the wash and style). Medium clean is pretty TTS but dark clean seems to run a bit big. Some washes like midnight rocker also stretch out a lot. I have really narrow thighs and hips for my size so I find I need to go down a size to avoid butt wrinkles and saggy thighs since Paiges do stretch out over the day.

I had a friend try on my HH which should've been her size but they would not go above her hips since she is more curvy. So I agree that they are are TTS depending on your build. LC are a little narrower then HH so some people may be more TTS in HH then LC as well.
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