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Lacoste rules!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, I am a very avid fan of Lacoste and currently have 6 of their polos, and a pair of their shoes: white, grey, green. I have heard many rumors on how there are many fakes, and I was wondering I bought all of my Lacoste shirts at actual Lacoste stores, so could the actual store be selling fakes, or is that just like online stores and any stores that arent part of like a mall or something???? I noticed that the bottom of the buttom seems to vary in look, like my black polo the button is pearl throughout, and then my orange one has the varying back with reddish dots, and then my green one has a white button but the back has the white plaster stuff, and its one that I bought at an actual registered Lacoste store. One of them was bought at Nordstrom so......as I was wondering could there be a possibility that anything bought like highend shopping malls, or fashion malls could have fake clothing???? I am very curious.....and a couple of them i bought in Spain, but they were at a lacoste store as well......so I was thinking they should all be real since they were bought at actual Lacoste stores and in highend shopping malls, right???
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To give you an example, most of them were bought in Las Vegas at the Fashion Show Mall at their Lacoste store and their Nordstrom, and one of them was bought at the Caesar's Forum Shops, so thus that said they should all be real???? Another one was bought at the Las Vegas Outlet Mall, that had a Lacoste store, and the two in Spain at a Lacoste store......so does anyone know about these shopping places I mentioned an if there is a possibility they sell any fake clothing?
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I highly doubt they are fake considering where you bought them - the Lacoste store and high end department stores don't sell fakes. Nordstrom sometimes takes back fakes as customer returns, so that is the only possibility but still its very slim chance you ended up with a fake. I would not be worried if i were you.

Oh yeah, all of those places you mentioned in vegas sell authentic Lacoste.
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But, like how could Nordstrom have a possibility of getting fakes??? ANd how do you really determine a fake from a real, what is the most accurate way of figuring out a fake?
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People buy a real one from Nordstrom and return a fake one in its place...it's sad, but true that some people actually do this. But like jetta_07 said, it's a slim chance you picked up a fake one from them.
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and i believe the buttons may change with season and the color of the polo
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