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Which LV Bag is more versatile and practical?

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Which can be used more? How does the leather of the Epi Satchel( Speedy)compare to the Damier Speedy? How do you protect the leather?
Last question... do you all carry these on special nights out.. or do you use as an everyday bag? and dumb question.. what do you do when it rains and you are out with it... ( I told you it was dumb!)

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I loooove the Epi line but the Damier canvas is very soft. It's also a very durable bag. Honestly, I think both the Epi and Damier Canvas Speedys are sturdy enough. I have a Damier Speedy and I toss it around. (yes i know i should treat it better but i can't help it =x) It still looks the same. Speedys, imo, can be used for day and night. I take mine out to dinner occasionally but I mostly use it as an everyday bag for school (I really abuse it with textbooks and such but it is still looking great! =) ) Oh and the Damier can be used on rainy days or snowy days. I use it under all weather conditions. Definitely worth the purchase.
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I love both speedies! I think it really depends on the color of the epi to really decide which speedy is most versatile. If you bought the black one, it'd match a lot versus the damier which has more limitations - colorwise, imo.

The epi (leather) is stiffer and has ridges, which may be more difficult to clean versus the smooth (canvas) of the damier. You can use Appleguard to protect both speedies.

Something to also keep in mind: the damier and monogram speedies tend to sag a bit because they are softer than the epi. You can use an organizer, purseket, to help it out.

And NO that is not a dumb question!
You can carry both the epi and damier out in the rain. They are both durable. The leather vachetta handles on the monogram, however, is a different story. I hid mine under my coat so it wouldn't get wet and leave spots.

Whichever one you choose, you can't go wrong~ They're both gorgeous!
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I think they are both more sturdy that the mono canvas because you don't have to worry about the vachetta. I have the mono canvas speedy and I don't use it much because I am worried about the handles getting too dark. I just ordered the black epi speedy 30 because I think it is more durable.
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the epi is more boxy

the damier is softer. i have both and i love them equally however I like the saggy soft look of damier more so I tend to carry it when I go shopping cuz it fits a ton.
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generally not a huge fan of epi line, but i love the jasmin and passy, and smaller accessories. between the two, i prefer the damier speedy
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I think the Damier speedy will be a better match on most outfits.

That and I personally don't like the EPI line.
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The Epi bag looks very polished and dressy. However the Damier would be great for casual and formal/business attire. Can't you get both? Hehe

I guess I would go for Damier.
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I think it depends on your outfit. Or do you decide what to wear after you've picked your bag? (LOL, i've done that).

I love epis, they are the epitome of class.
I love the damier line, "classic".

Sounds the same, but epis just have that gorgeous, classy look, w/out shouting. Damiers are versatile, will always be a classic.

I wish they'd bring back lilac epis. Such a fab color.
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