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Monogram vs Non-Monogram

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Which do you prefer?

I'm not too into monogram since it seems so unoriginal and it gets to be too much. I don't mind it if it's on the inside or on accessories since it's less overwhelming. I do sometimes feel like I "need" Monogram hand bags since I get treated better in stores since it's what most people recognize. But at the same time I do not like the unwanted attention and I know most people will just think it's fake since I look young for my age.

I like high quality plain-ish leather bags like Hermes, Balenciaga, and I'm thinking of a Bulga for a beater-bag type thing. I know people will say things like "I've never heard of it" or "Why don't you just buy an LV bag for that price?" But I like things that no one else has and I feel that under-stated luxury is so much classier.

Anyone else agree/disagree?
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i hate hate hate monogram. its like wearing a sign saying i have this designer bag. i like subtleness i could care less if anyone knows what designer i'm carrying or if i am carrying a designer bag.
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I totally agree with you Liz. and i feel the EXACT same way when I carry my LV bags and people will think I'm just a bimbo carrying a fake one. i hate that, can't help it if I look like a teen!
Lately I am becoming interested in buying bags that are simple and plain too, like juicy leather, samantha thavasa...etc..
You basically worded it for me perfectly! "under-stated luxury is so much classier"
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depends on the style.

sometimes i hate non monogram but sometimes i love it
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^ same here... depends on the brand/style. there are lots of bags that i love, and most people don't even know which brand it is (unless they know bags)
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