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proud new owner of....

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my very first balenciaga!!
eBay: Balenciaga box motorcycle ink handbag (item 260089697122 end time Feb-28-07 21:03:40 PST)
i'll update the thread with pics when she arrives, i just had to share my excitement now and what makes it better was it was a great price
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The ink is really nice....The one you got looks like it has soft and thick leather =)

I should go visit mine (My friend convinced me to sell my Ink B-bag to her)
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yea i'm jealous.

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Gorgeous! Congrats
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That's beautiful! I love the color.
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Yea! Congratulations!!! Looks beautiful!
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Yay! Congrats!!! Now I want one....
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she arrived this morning!! so pretty, i'm glad i chose the box size, it's perfect! leather is delicious. its a nice lighter change from my paddy. the color is so nice, more purple than i expected, which is neat

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Very nice. I am very jealous!!!!
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it looks beautiful on you! the bag IS delicious. i'm sure you're reallly really excited
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wow! congrats! it's a beauty!
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Looks very nice on you! I like the size!!
I bet it is a nice lighter relief from the Paddy. The paddy is almost tooo heavy!
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Sooo nice! Congrats!
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thats beautiful!! =)
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wow gorgeousss congratsss
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