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^awwwww so cute
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he looks like such a little man! I love it!!
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your kid is so adorable!
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Originally Posted by kellygawtscammed View Post

i have no idea why I always thought you had a daughter for some reason.
I want one though
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Originally Posted by luxdenim View Post
Those khaki TRs are so cute!!!

My kids must be wierd i found the fleece Joeys come up small Jack wore them from 12-18 months in a size 2, but in the rainbow joeys in a size 2 are still too big on Harry who will be 3 in November I have to belt them they fit in the leg length! I am looking for some size 3's now!
I know what you mean. I bought another pair of Joey's on EBay in size 2 and they were way to big. Probably more for a 4 year old.
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The wacky sizing doesn't get any better as they get older either. I bought my daughter a size 10 Joey. They fit good in the waist and are about 4 inches too long. So, I found an 8 Joey. Those were huge in the waist and almost too short! Make sure you get measurments!!
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