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Very nice indeed! =)
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I thought that was Mel in the pic Hisma posted, woman has impeccable taste, good to know some sizing info on the skulls though...considering getting myself a pair.
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I just purchased a pair of SSK today! I'll post some pics tonight.
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Ohhh, I want a pair too! Mel, your pic is fantastic, thanks for the sizing info. And avanti, love love love those! I haven't read through all of this thread, so you probably have said it earlier, but where can I buy either pair??
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^ Thanks Tone I actually got them from Mel (iluvshopin) a long time ago so I have no idea where she purchased them I do love them though!
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^^Avanti looks way better in them then I did...

Tone I originally purchased the G-stars at the actual Gstar store in Chicago over a year ago. As for my Skulls...You can get them through fabfour in the grey selvage. They are mens jeans so even places like BIG will carry them in the raw and black. Selfedge has some as well. As for the Skulls you will only be able to purchase them at select stores that specialize in that kind of denim or buy them straight from japan.

Sfam Thank you and no they are not a 28. I am not sure I could have gotten into the 28's. From what I hear these run a full size smaller then the skull 5010xx 6X6's. So a lot of guys where having trouble with the sizing.

Briar... Thank you. You are too sweet...
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^^Mel, I was looking at the indigo in 5010XX but the grey one you're wearing in your pics looks so sweet, maybe I'll have to reconsider which one to get. I am finally getting some raws and I'm really excited. Can't wait to get them now!
^And vagabond, I'm definitely getting some Japanese goods
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^^I agree with vagabond totally, spend the money on Japanese denim if you can. Though I know a lot of people just getting into raw do not go straight to japanese, they will be what you want later on down the line for sure.
The grey ones are truly amazing. I think if I had the choice I would pick grey as well. The grey full selvage have a really cool pink/salmon undertone to the denim. I have seen pictures of the wear on these after 6 months hard wear and it is phenomenal. Both the indigo and grey have great fade, but the grey is superb and almost girly. If you need sizing help pm me. The sizing will run very different between the indigo and grey 5010xx as they are a mens cut. There are a few mens cuts that work for ladies but not many.

Vagabond.....You know I was thinking of you when I purchased these...
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Thanks, Mel. It most definitely will be the greys then. Pmd you
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don't know if these have been posted yet or not, but blue in green has the new pbj skinny jeans for women. and only $140!

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^^^Seriously debating those pbj skinnys!!!

I just bought hilary's pbj slims, though! Yay!!!
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those g-star look sick
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Originally Posted by blm14 View Post
For sure!

Crossing my fingers that they fit, though!!!
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I want a pair of the PBJ women's slim jeans, but I don't know what size I ought to get. My waist is 23" and the fullest part of my hips is 30". Can any of you help? Thanks.
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I have some cheap monday dry skinnys im working on, only been about 5/6 wears at the moment though and i FINALLY found my long lost loves S&S Rachels I really cant wait to receive them!
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