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My Joey Grey Big T's...pics

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Whew! I am tired now!! Too much posing lol. One word to describe these: FUNKY. I am digg'in the grey wash!

I went with size 30 since I heard that they grey wash tends to run smaller but I prob could have gotten a size 29 as well.

Thanks Lindy!

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CUTE!! I love those on you!
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I can only wear flats with them though since the inseam is shorter (its like 33). Flats are in this spring anyway!

Oh I do have some really cute black ballet sneakers?
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They look fantastic! Congrats hun!

Flats would look adorable with them.
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OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH I forgot I have a Lululemon Scuba Hoodie in Tea Time coming---holy crap they will look perfect together too!!!
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Oh girl, you are rockin those. That last pic is really sexy. You need to use it as your avatar for awhile, hehehehehe. You can crop boxy in the lower corner,
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Do you know how hard it is to push out my flat ass lol?
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I love TR on you!!
Now, share with me the secret of how to get skinny! Really, you look amazing.
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Ah thanks girl I am so trying to keep up with age...ah b-day in a few weeks.
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They look really great on you.
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OMG, I love them! The grey is gorgeous!!
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so awsome! your looking great
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i love this wash! did you happen to find them on sale? i really really want a pair!
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Nah I got them from Lindy (watnxt) who got them from Robin who got them from a sale at the TR store in California--these are traveling pants lol

Lindy also let me have her medium miners which also came from Robin...one of these days I will post pics of those too.
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Originally Posted by mizzboxy View Post
Do you know how hard it is to push out my flat ass lol?
Was not talking about the ASS picture, lol.
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Originally Posted by watnxt View Post
Was not talking about the ASS picture, lol.
Muuuuuuuuuuu hhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...are you talking about my pee pee pose lol?

All the stars do it to make them look skinny but it only makes them look like they need to go potty since I was in the bathroom I thought it was appropriate

Guess what? Tomorrow I plan on wearing the SLV Big Ts I got from Alexmandi with my new Aqua Primp thermal that I got from Romansmom...pics tomorrow everyone

Then one of these days will post pics of my medium miners I got from ya too!
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Those look really awesome!!
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are you kidding me, you're not a 30!!!!!! you don't look like that AT ALL and i LOVE those jeans congrats!
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I am wearing my yellow fuzzy ugg slippers, it looks so cool with these lol

Gah I am bored.
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i love it!

seriously, they look great !
i want a grey pair of jeans too.
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ooh emily they look so good on you! you look FANTASTIC!!
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ohhhhhh those are hot on you!
are theythe black needle joeys?
i just got my stevies in black needle road dog...sooo hot i love that wash =)
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They look great. I only own one pair of TR, but they look Fab.. I really like grey washes as well...they are quite figure flattering
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LOVE these you look gorgeous!
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