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you have a good collection there, well rounded!
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I just bought a nice sheer gloss - Anna Sui Rouge Jar. It's a clear gel in the container and goes on pink-ish (on me anyway). I love it!
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what formula of black honey do you guys prefer, the "almost lipstick" or the gloss?
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i like the "almost lipstick" version
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^There is a difference? I am so out of the loop. Back to the site I go........
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i don't know. i just have always used the almost lipstick!
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I always used the almost lipstick. I think the gloss must be newer.
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I have the almost lipstick. It is starting to get down to the nubbin.
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Black honey is soooooo versatile. Me and my 4 best friends all wear it. We are Austrian, Greek, Filipino, and Yugoslavian, we all have different coloring, and it looks different (but good) on all four of us.

Its really dark on me... will take some pics and post in a bit.
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The gloss is "newer" than the almost lipstick but I think its been out for years. I was asking bc I tried it and didn't really like it. I am down to my last bit of Black Honey, you guys make me want to buy another tube!
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it never goes to waste!
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All this talk about it makes me want to buy it.

I just went to read the reviews on Makeup Alley, but I'm confused. In the pics that Kenics posted, the color look sheer and neutral; really pretty. In some of the reviews on Makeup Alley, the color is described as raspberry, plum, or even red! What's the deal?
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Any Asian reviews? I think we're supposed to have strong yellow undertones but I've also heard we're olive (and then I think of eating green olives) colored.

I'm comparing pics from Sephora and the ones posted in this thread and I don't see how it's the same color.
Clinique Almost Lipstick
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^ It doesn't actually come out that color. It's sheer...
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it is sheer, and I think depending on skintones, it reflects a different way. This could probably be said of any lipstick though. My sister wears Chanel Cocoa, which looks like an amazing natural red on her. On me, I look like my lips are washed out, go figure.

I just always thought of Black Honey as a "your lips but better' color/tint.
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i just got home last nite - i will post pics in a few minutes
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ok, it may be a while... i can't take pictures very well!
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Okay.....take your time. Don't forget the macro on your camera for nice detail. Thanks! I can't wait to compare to Kenics pic.
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ohhhhh good idea!! macro.... ok be back in a bit again
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well this is without anything...

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OH MY GOD!! We have some really nice freaking lips on this forum!!!! Holy shit Lauriebell bell, those are GREAT lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!! We are like hot dogs here, all lips and asses.

I love the color as well, just what I am looking for, natural lips only better.

edit: LOL I just noticed you didn't have any color on. I was so stunned looking at the lips I didn't read the text!
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when i was younger people would tease me because my lips hadn't grown into my face My mom always told me not to worry because eventually boys would love to kiss them haha

ok...let me see how this new batch of pics looks. be back again
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They teased you becasue they recognized very early on that it would be a trait that would set you apart...from them. Think about the thousands of $ women are spending to make theri lips "look" like yours. (yours) Amazing, really. Those are great.
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I GOT THEM TO WORK... I completely forgot about macro mode. oops.

here ya go (from one layer to various layers...)

(I don't know how that extra pigment got on the top of my lip in the last pic...oh well)
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Love it. I am definitely heading to the mall tomorrow to pick it up. Thanks you VERY much, you and Kenics for your bravery and great lips.
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