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Another vote for Diorshow. I haven't tried the Unlimited version, my lady at Sephora told me that the difference is that Unlimited lengthens more. I already have pretty long lashes so I decided to stick with Diorshow regular. Anyone else tried both kinds? Was the Sephora lady right about the difference?
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doirshow = volumizes, thickens, and lengthens
diorshow unlimited = volumizes and lengthens but does not thicken as much. I think my eyelashes look MUCH longer with the unlimitied version. It's also contoured to better apply it to your lashes (plus the thinner wand makes it easier to get it on the bottom lashes). I LOVE DS but at the moment I am all for the unlimited formula.
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Dior show is excellent but I do find it to be clumpy - BadGal has a similar formulation as well. For no clumps I would recommend Lash perfection (one coat) followed by another lengthening mascara.
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