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How much to UGGs stretch?

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Well, I got my Uggs from the HM today and my toes go right up to end of the boot.... (they are too small by a smidge). Will they stretch out enough to be comfortable or should I sell them and buy the next size up... which is going to probably be hard to find this time of year.

I love them but right now I can feel my toe nail hitting the inside of the front shoe.
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Mine were like that when i first bought them, but after awhile the inside gets flattened so there's more toe room.
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i just spent an hour searching the net.. there aren't any to be found and they are going for $30 plus over retail on ebay.

They are the sunsets, and I paid retail for them ($140). Do I keep or sell? I can't decide. That is alot of money to spend on something that may not be comfortable to wear.
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Mine stretched about 1.5 sizes over 2 years (I wear them almost daily)
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aww, sorry you're in a delima, but i agree w/the other ladies here who say they stretch. You could probably try wearing some socks in your boots for a few hours in the house and see if it stretches out....it should. Shoes need to be broken into. Hope they fit you, yes and they are hard to come by
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^^ agreed, try wearing with socks. I sized down 1/1.5 size for them from my regular shoe size and they were snug at first but have stretched out since I've worn them a ton. Socks should do the trick!
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Mine definitely stretched out - but it took a few months of wearing them. If they're not uncomfortable I'd say keep them.
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I put on a thinner pair of socks and they fit good now so I am keeping them. Of course I took pics of me wearing them, and I wasn't a fan... maybe I will have to try a different pair of jeans! lol
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