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Anyone a chloe expert?

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I cross-posted this on AF as well. I am just trying to get as much input and advice as I can. I am pretty upset at myself for letting this happen.

I lurk about on HF and AF and now on PF and I just am realizing that the bag that is on its way to me from Sweden is a fake.

eBay: AUTHENTIC NEW CHLOÉ TEKLA BAG HANDBAG,2007,"MUST-HAVE" (item 230089293995 end time Feb-12-07 05:52:07 PST) is what I won.

eBay: Chloe Tekla Chocolate Brown Shoulder Bag W/TAGS AUTH (item 200081742072 end time Feb-27-07 12:18:36 PST) is a real one.

All about Tekla!!! - The Purse Forum those are real too.

http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/3...1600/chloe.jpg chloe stock photo of the bag. obviously not similar :[

I showed all of this information to the seller and pointed out to her the differences in leather texture, overall shape, shoulder strap width, shoulder strap metal attachment, and inner material quality. Her auction specifically said she had a money-back satisfaction guarantee (minus shipping) but this is what she said to me:

"Dear Angela!
There is different styles called tekla from chloe in different sizes.it
might be called bon voyage collection. About the baby paddington bag-that
one is 100% authentic and bought from Kassandra(reseller for Chloe) in
Copenhagen.photos can be misleading and it is just a pivate persons word on
the link you send.Forum like this are just for private persons who are
interested in bags,but they are often without any proffessional knowledge.

I can refund you if you send the bag back to me,but it MUST be sent insured
to me immediatly. I will NOT refund you any shippingcosts and I will keep
additional 10% of total value (34$) to cover the listning on Ebay and the
paypal fees.
I am not a store,I´m a private person who sell on Ebay and this is an
auction.I do this as an exception just beacuse my goodwill and beacuse I´m
an honest Ebaymember. I want to make you satisfied,but I hope you understand
that I must cover my fees. The only thing to do is to buy a bag from the
official chloe store for fullprice where you receive an original receipt.

I have never had anything returned before and I have done more than 630
transactions without any problem or dissapointed customers. I would never
buy or sell anything I have doubt about authencity.thank you for
kind regards "

She wants fees taken out of my money, too? Please help me decide what to do! I am out $345 for nothing. I could have bought a bunch of unquestionably genuine jeans :[

I filed a dispute and that is what she said. Please help me decide what to do next.
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well you should get all your money back. If you need a letter I will do it
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That is awesome of you to offer, Tiff. Does Paypal consider any moderator on here an expert on authenticity? This would be so great. Thanks for the quick response
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I have done it for a juicy purse once
Have you filed yet. Tell her she can get her fees back from ebay and she shouldnt have to pay paypal fees if she hits refund button
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I have not yet received the bag, should I wait until it officially is on my doorstep before filing?
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Any other input...? The purse forum is not being too helpful :/
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Are postive yours is fake? I think it looks like it could be real. The other auction was removed.
Do they even fake the Tekla bag? I have never heard of it and right now there are only 2 of them on ebay.. to me, not a big indicator of a style being faked.

If she sends you the bag in the picture, I would take it somewhere to be authenticated before you send it back. It may not look exactly the same but the leather looks very nice, the stitching looks nice, to me, it looks like a very, very nice bag, especially for the price you paid. It is possible that it wont look exactly like the others if it is from a different collection....

Do you have a chloe boutique near you?
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THanks for your advice, I really appreciate it. I think the discrepenancies in the bag versus the Chloe stock photos made me suspicious, as well as the fact that the seller has sold a fake before. I guess I will wait and see.

I live about 3 hours from Chicago, is there a Chloe there? I suppose by the time I could authenticate it, it would be too late. Ugh I don't know.
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I'm no pro, but I've been wanting a telka, and after seeing them in person, they are so beautiful! the leather is the softest. Yours looks a bit fake, but like I said, I'm not a pro, just a fan of the bag. When it comes, if the leather doesn't feel like it cost over 1,000, then it doesn't. The leather on yours doesn't look very soft either. But it could just be the lighting. Good luck!
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Yeah mozza, I agree. :/ Aren't ALL chloe bags that distinctive, soft leather? hm..
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So, did you get your bag yet? I'd love to hear how things are going!
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JUST received it today + although it smells delicious + leathery + I still love the style so much, there is no denying it is a fake. The inner stitching is crooked, the interior material is very flimsy + cheap, the leather is too stiff + inflexible, + there is a bit of glue underneath the purse handles that you can see when you lift them up.

You were right about everything else - it IS a nice bag, the leather is nice + the exterior stitching is great-looking. But not worth $345 to me :[

I need proof that it is a fake so I can get a FULL return but I don't know HOW. Help?? :[
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Then again, shit, maybe it could be real? I'm looking over authenticity topics in the Chloe section @ PF + some of the stitching inside doesn't always look perfect...+ the material looks thin inside, too...uggh dunno what to do!
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Obviously I am in denial, because there is no Tekla, anywhere, that looks like this and feels like this. I am so silly + dumb for thinking I could score any kind of deal like this + expect it to be real. ;] If anyone can help me compile "proof" for Paypal, let me know!
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I think the only way you are going to prove authenticity is to go to a Chloe boutique with your bag. It is just too rare for any of us or even the PF members to help you out, unless you can get a mod there to write a letter for you?
Sorry it is fake!!!
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