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yeah I think part of it is the picture of the person.. and thats what creeps me out the most.. but yeah, that seller KNOWS what shes doin obviously. You can tell by the creepy wording in the auction about emailing her for more pics etc.
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man one of her auctions for pumps are going for 98 bucks!

..i'm selling the wrong stuff on ebay. hehe
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blargggggghhhhhhhhhhh. "sexy and satisfying" worn keds? definately for fetish people. NAST.
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Yes, thank you for introducing me to this other world. I just can't comprehend how disgustingly smelly and used sneakers can go for over $90. I'd consider selling some of my stinky shoes just for the money but I don't want them to start emailing me for more info or being haunted in my dreams by what they must be doing to the poor shoe! Yuck!

I don't understand the fetish - why do the shoes have to be so well worn? Like she keeps mentioning "bottoms worn flat to the ground" and "really scented and smelly."
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Some people have feet fetishes I guess. Man, gross.
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WOW, I need to jump on that selling bandwagon!!!

My roommate and I had a plan to buy a bunch of cheap underwear from wal-mart, have my boyfriend put them on and jump around in them, then sell them on ebay saying that they're worn by girls at my school
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Its fetish....
Ive heard about this.... its bizarre. You have to be really careful with the way the auction is worded or it will be pulled. And you cant say used or worn underwear, Ebay will not allow that. I had this pair of total stripper platform shoes for a halloween costume, and I didnt know what to do with it afterwards. A friend of mine said put em on Ebay, those go real high, so I searched and saw all these used shoes... it was like... ohh.
I still keep meaning to list them on Ebay, but you definately need to take pictures of your feet in them, if you want bids... And something about taking pics of my feet for these guys to look at, kinda creeps me out a little.
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^ Yeah there is a fine line on what you can say. I thought you couldnt have pics of yourself in them but these auctions all do so IDK.
Even if you dont have pics of you in them you are guaranteed to get requests for such pics anyway. The part that creeps me the most is that when they send you payment (if by money order) or even if they win your auction they have access to your phone number and or address..
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i think i'm about to vomit. i just did the search on well worn. the panyhose and socks are so dirty.... i just don't get it. a lot of these people's feet in the pictures aren't even cute.
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I looked up more info and I guess ppl get them on ebay b/c they are turned on by the socks/shoes being really stinky/sweaty and they find the smell erotic & they couldn't buy them smelling that bad at goodwill.
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call me weird but i am soooooooooooooo gonna sell my well worn sneakers now with HUGE pics!
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hmmm but i should probably use my bf's account to sell now----in case ppl check my feedback. Not a great impression to make! haha
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hahaha. GROSS
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wtf that is nast. i'd never sell my old shoes myself but i totally wish there was someone who would do it for me.

yeah i wouldn't want them to get my address etc
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