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Where is Coach made?

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Just curious. I just received a wallet that I bought and had authenticated from ebay. The leather parts on it almost seem plastic like, and the tag inside says, "made in china." I don't know if it's just because it's new and not broken in...but...yeah...
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Some of my older purses say USA, some of my newer ones say China, I'm not sure where else they make them ...

There are definately some made in China though.
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I think they are all made in China now - they have a little info sheet in my local store about it.
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Hmm...okay. Thanks!
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Yes, all of my authentic Coach bags are made in China, though I have seen some that are made in Turkey. Post pics of the wallet you received to make sure- leather should not seem plastic like.
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Mine are also made in china.
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Some are also made in Turkey.
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^ Yeah, I think they have a few places.

Fortunately, I haven't noticed any change in quality, though and they still have the same great warranty
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interestingly enough, the leather used on coach bags is also used for bags being made by j.crew (which comes from italy)
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Made in China.

Both my new Carly bag and Sig Mini wallet are made there.
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