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Hemming for just an inch and half??

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OMG! I am so sick of having to either hem jeans for an inch or inch and a half or letting them flip up or drag. For that small amount!!!!
Any of you go through this???
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I hemmed my Zathan 82M's HALF AN INCH! There was no way in hell i was letting the hems get chewed up.

Im anal about that though, I dont like it at all. And only my beater pair of jeans has frayed hems.
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I French hem them; I used to just let them drag, since I thought torn hems looked cool. (All the celebs do it!)
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^^^ Is that like hemming with origionals??? or Euro hem??? I have been hemming them even for that small amount but its crazy!! Just frustraited and wondered what everyone else does. Kinda funny cause I will use the origional hem and by the time I cut the excess its a small amount, so its like what did I do this for??? LOL. Cause the hemming and stuff takes up some.
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^french hem? im not familiar with that.
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why not just do this one method?

DaciaRay.com » How to Hem Jeans

A) do it yourself
B) saves you money
C) you can let the hem down whenever you want.. b/c you really don't have to cut the hems.. you're just folding under and sewing in place.

it'll look like this.

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^^^^Thanks!! and sorry, forgot to add. I do my own, lol. Its just frustrating is all.
Oh and I am awesome too, lol. If I do say so myself!!
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Here are the ones I did today. And becasue it was only an inch I didn't have to cut at all. Sometimes I do just to get rid of the added bulk but these were pretty much right on so, yay!!!
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Any 33" inseams and I'm in the same boat...I like mine between 31 and 32 usually. 33" needs big-ass heels.
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Originally Posted by watnxt View Post
^^^^Thanks!! and sorry, forgot to add. I do my own, lol. Its just frustrating is all.
Oh and I am awesome too, lol. If I do say so myself!!
I do mine like that too, when I need to. I need a 33 w/flat flats, I wear Diesel so not a problem most of time. There are a few cuts where a 32 is J u s t long enough. But if I wear heels once in a blue moon, I usually have to do 1 inch on a longggg 34. It's a pain in the ass
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I have the same problem, I usually like about a 33" inseam....but have to take almost everything up 1-1 1/2 inches. I just do it myself, a fold hem, no one can ever tell.
I've got a pair of R&R sitting in my dresser right now waiting to be taken up, but they'll need about 2 inches.
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How do you "undo" the hem? I am a guy ,cant sew,so the diesel store had my zathans hemmed like this, but i want the longer now.

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Undoing a folded hem? All you need is a seam ripper and some patience. You'll probably have 2 layers of stitching to undo (possibly more if they tacked the resulting inner cuffs up to prevent you from stepping on those)...first look on the outside of the hems for the layer of stitching that holds the hem in place, and just start going at the threads with the seam ripper. After that, flip the cuffs inside out to reveal the first stitching layer and undo that. You'll probably have some wrinkles and a lot of thread bits.

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Thanks,! I'll give it a try-so you say their is a stitch on the outside(facing out) that needs to be removed first?

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Thanks, but I took them to a tailor yesterday to rip out the hems to make them longer again-problem, although these are new Diesel Zatthan 74w(dark wash) now there is a thin fold line,kinda white, and the tailor said it will be there forever ,do you know of any method to make this line less noticeable, like maybe a indigo felt pen or something? Any help here would be great,there are brand new 200 dollar jeans.

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Yeah, maybe a fabric marker or something, depending on the wash. The line will generally soften with time as the jeans are washed, but if you don't wash your jeans or if you're really strict about air-drying them, you'll probably want to color in the line somehow.

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thanks-now that I really looked ath the closer,it's not really a white line but like 2/3 fold lines ans a few tiny hole for the thread being ripped out-also the tailor used a little bit of glue on the inside of pantleg,cant tell from outside so no biggie-but how can I ket rid of the fold lines?


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Are you talking about wrinkles or literal fades in the color where the hem was folded? For wrinkles, you could just soak the fabric, pull the wrinkles out and let them air dry (it'll probably take a few washes for the creases to fall out completely, though). Fade lines will soften with repeated washing, but in the meantime, you'll probably need a fabric marker, depending on the wash.

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Hi, it's just a ,well 2, creases all the way aroung where the stiching was ripped out,not a fade,but also a few small holes,I suppose because at places the stiching was difficult to cut out-so you think the folds will come out if I wash the jeans?

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