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how to stretch patent leather shoes?

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i bought the cutest pair of patent leather flats but the left shoe is WAY tighter than the right (it fits like a dream, and that is the one i tried on). i got them at the rack and i have a pretty good feeling that they are not the same pair/not mates. anyways, i have a cedar shoe thingy and i left the stretcher in from friday to monday in just the left but the shoe is STILL so uncomfortable. it's so bad that i had to take my shoes off and walk off campus at work barefoot since they already caused a blister!

so is there any other way to get them stretched? my heels hurt and my toes are squished!!! it was so bad that i came home for lunch and put on my slip on vans...!
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I'd love to know too!! I need a smaller shoe stretcher b/c the one I have wont even fit in my patent leather pumps!!
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I used to stretch my shoes using a hair dryer to heat them up and then pulling on them a bit. You can try that and then put the cedar thing inside. Just make sure you do not get them to hot.
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No idea about patent leather, since I have never owned a pair of shoes made from that, but a trick on leather shoes is to put a little rubbing alcohol on the area that is uncomfortable and then wear the shoe for a bit. Apparently alcohol allows the leather a little more stretch than normal.

Use it sparingly though, and put the alcohol on the INSIDE of the shoe. It will strip the finish from the outside.

Good luck!
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Patent leather flats at the rack........ let me guess was it the kenneth cole reactions??? the mias?? if you ask why I know Its because I work in the shoe department at the rack................ usually what we tell people if the left is much tighter its because the right one is on the floor and tried on while the left stays in the back untouched. And Im pretty sure patent leather can be streched
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they are the jessica simpson flats.

only pair left. $30... i saw the mias and they're leather but the KC reactions ARE NOT leather. the KCs were kinda expensive for what they were.

they shoes look alike but not like they belong together. i figured the right might have been looser b/c it is the one that is out on the floor. the left is just so dang rigid. seriously, by 9:30am (2 class periods) i had to go home. it was awful.
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i called the local shoe repair place and he said it was around $6 to get them stretched so i took them in! i'll have them back in about a week and i'll let you know how they worked out!

the guy was very nice (late 40s early 50s) and totally surprised me when he started talking about how jessica simpson shoes run really narrow and about a size small... it was just surprising that an older man knew about jessica simpson shoes! then i realized that shoes are his job so duh! he would know which ones are good, bad, etc!
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^ lol! i would love if a shoe repair guy/girl talked to me about shoes! maybe the they could tell me trade secrets (like which shoes are expensive but actually poorly made, which are comfortable, etc.) hehe.
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Hmmmm...... I havent seen those, They're probably transfers from nordstrom since we (the rack) just got alot in from the half yearly sale
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