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just won this Gucci bag...need auth check before paying

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What do you guys think? I know nothing about Gucci, except that I think this is a VERY good price IF it is authentic

eBay.ca: Auth Gucci Abbey Large Shopper Blue Tote 141472 New (item 330086012967 end time 11-Feb-07 18:14:50 EST)
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i say fake.

I guess most gucci collection, the G's are exact replica of each other, not upside down.
If you go on gucci.com, look at their classics, the Gs are pretty obvious.

Now apparently this is from the new Abbey collection.

On ioffer (fakes), i saw this,
Auth Gucci Blue/Brown Abbey Shopper Tote Bag 141470 NWT For Sale for $249

Gosh! you just never know nowadays. So sorry. Did you try purseforum?

I hope you had a chance to read this..
eBay Guides - Authentic Gucci BEWARE
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Damn it....should have know, price is too good to be true Anyway I am confused by how to tell real from fake. Anyone know if bag borrow or steal has authentic bags? Here is a link to the same bag on there:
Gucci 'Abbey' Large Denim Tote at Bag Borrow or Stealâ„¢

Can someone point out what makes the other bag fake (or maybe they both are)
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Ok...I am a dumb ass obviously! Someone was kind enought to point out that there is a huge discrepancy between picture #2 and #4, around the zippered pocket. This sale is just too fishy, should have paid attention and known it was too good to be true.

I'm soooo sad Guess I have to save up and buy a REAL one from a REAL store!
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Seller sent me new pics....I am beyond confused????? There is lots of debate on PF whether the plastic handle wrap is fake or not?

Inside looks cheap to me????
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I always thought plastic wrap in handles was a dead give-away.

I wish there was a way you can call a gucci line or something. Coach used to do that.
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I know!!! The more I research and look the more confused I get Guess you really can't even be sure until you get the bag and feel it. There is tons of debate on PF about the plastic, about cell phone pockets and about heat stamped "gucci" on the leather pulls....seems ever bag is different

Seller also has a beige abbey tote and that one looks fake to me....so if seller has one fake then probably both are fake

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I think with some high end brands, plastic wrap can be okay--- you just have to be careful about the plastic wrap with tissue paper.

A lot of times the bags in the back of the store will have clear plastic wrap on them to protect the handles during shipping.

Other than that, I know nothing about gucci, but that price does seem to be a little too good to be true!
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Those purses look like super cheap fakes to me. High end bags (Louis Vuitton for example) actually have plastic on the handles when they are brand new, but they are usually taken off before they hit the sales floor. Plastic on handles are also on many fakes, so it doesn't necessarily have to mean its fake but many people who have authentics on ebay usually already have the plastic taken off before they sell, plus they are not giving out good deals like that on brand new bags b/c they would be losing money.
Another way I know its fake is because the monogram is crooked - look at the Gs that run down the side - they are cut off at different points when they hit the brown sides. Plus materials just look super cheap. Don't pay!
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Ok....thanks everyone for your replies It is all very confusing and so many conflicting opinions on the plastic and the Gs and lining up etc. Anyway, obviously if there is such a question about the authenticity then it isn't real
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im sorry but this bag is fake.
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sorry its most likely fake. no seller in their right mind would price a new gucci like that to let it be purchased at that price if only 1 person bids. crooked monograms arent always a clear indicator of fakes, ive seen real LV in stores with really crooked LV too.
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yeah i'd say it's fake too. however regarding plastic wrapped handles, i have a coach bag purchased from macy's that had wrapped handles. so i think it may just depend on the purse/designer/retailer.
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Seller is being a jerk, demanding that I pay for their listing fees....don't know if you can report fake auctions after they are over? I already did and I would appreciate if you guys could report it as well # 330086012967. THANKS
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