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Auth check Prps Jeans

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Although trying to make as much time as possible :/ , learning to know the tricks to be an fullgrown "authenticater" it can sometimes be nice with some help, besides ive never owned a pair of prps so is there anyone who would like to take a look and tell me what you think! :/ ^_^

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those look pretty real to me.the have double belt studs to adjust the waist,fakes have three..plus you can tell from the wash and whiskering and whole distressing effect...if you look on ebay 99%are fakes and you can quickly tell from a photo as the fakes look awfull.

do you have any idea on sizing with prps?how do they run.i know they should fit loose maybe even a little baggy,but i never and cant try one as they dont sell them here nowhere.
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dont know bout they run, sorry
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i have a pair of prps... they run a little big...
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I don't see any picture. Am I doing something wrong?

prps does tend to run big. Their washes are so natural-looking it's pretty easy to spot fakes...
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