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Accused of selling FAKES.... - Page 4

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hope it works out. the dude probably dances around in fake jeans everday and has no idea about what real Rocks look like. The guy probably gets laughed at daily for it too.
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ebay is so frustrating! i'm so sorry this happened to you... i agree w/ those who said NOT to accept the package. it definitely is buyer's remorse, or the he is just clueless.

and also, isn't the burden of proof on the buyer? he should be the one to have an authenticity letter provided to win the claim, right? and obviously, he won't get one since these are real!
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haha, yea, noow im in thhe waiting process! takes bloody ages!
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Hips, did she/he leave you feedback already? I never leave feedback when I'm the seller unless they already leave me feedback....I'm sure you know all that by now though as you are a big seller LOL. I hope it works out for ya!!
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yes, i did, usually i dont, but i risked it being the big sttooooopid seller that i am, haha..
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Hi hips. How are you? I decided to come on here and check you all out. This site is really helpful. That one sweater you are selling with the hearts on it, how long did you wear it? Its pretty hot.
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aww glad to see you! Its a lovely site, the people are incredible on here! I love them all! I wore the heart sweater a few times, worshipped more so..
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I feel your pain. I just got I accused of selling fakes too! This person has absolutely no clue about R&R, says the inner tag feels like paper and not cloth like so they must be fakes, the buyer also mentionned that they were too big! Wants a refund and is using every excuse to get her money back!!!
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whatever happened with this?
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I would be careful about refusing an international package. If package then gets lost in the mail and Paypal refunds the buyer her money, then you are out both the jeans and the money. You might hang onto the package until the paypal claim gets resolved and then decide what to do.
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Originally Posted by *ducky* View Post
whatever happened with this?
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still pending via paypal..paypal takes forever, huh? :/
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Ewwww. I hope this works out! :/
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