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this guy is a FU#%@*& IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah you come here and read this you STUPID MORONIC UNEDUCATED PIECE OF S@$# BUYER. those jeans are so real and if you can't tell they're real you shouldn't be buying premium denim b/c you obviously don't have one clue about them.
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i am speechless....

She must have older pairs with all that nonsense about this tag and that rivet. Tell her to go and look at styles out in stores now to see that these small parts of the jeans change. The true way to tell how Rock & Republic jeans are authentic is by the QUALITY of the jeans (which I guess she knows nothing about), and the beauty of the details (stitching, wash, ect.) - again she must have no eye to know what authentics look like!

She is obviously either paranoid and clinging to tiny details that don't matter in the jeans (who wants older rivets anyway? Get over it!), or she's grasping at straws trying to receive a refund which is completely unwarranted.
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Just refund this person minus shipping, ebay and paypal fees. They're too much of an ass to deal with.

Whatever price they found new jeans for will have to include the above fees for wasting your time and energy.

I'm banning them from any of my auctions. They'll think every pair is fake!
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HELL YES good idea what's their username everyone of us on here should ban this JERK from bidding on our items
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What a dough-head!
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Definately refuse the package when it arrives if you don't intend to refund. They may have sent you fakes in return or an empty box or who knows what. At least if you refuse the package they can't say you tampered with it in any way.

I'm sorry this has happened to you. You are one of the most honest and hard working ebayers I know.
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Originally Posted by NewAddict View Post
What a dough-head!
What is your avatar, I can't work it out?
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looks like fish to me
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sashimi maybe? is that how you spell it?
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Yeah this person obviously bought their R&R a long time ago. If you want hips I have a pair of the new ones that still have all of the tags attached and I can take pics to show this person that R&R does not do the blue tags or the rivets anymore like they used to. I dont know if that will help them believe but they still have the blaec tags attached so they can see.
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Originally Posted by Odie View Post
What is your avatar, I can't work it out?
It's hamachi (yellowtail) sushi
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The buyer clearly doesn't know how to tell real R&R from fake. The pairs they own are older, that's why they have the RR on the rivets; as we all know new pairs have the circles on the back.

Tell the buyer to go to a dept. store that sells R&R and take a look at the new detailing....because your jeans are obviously real. The buyer is missing out if they return them.
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Hey Hips! I've been trying to win some of your auctions, you have great stuff! I am so hooked on R&R and all the ones I find to sell never seem to be ones that fit me, darnit!

I am a seller too and once or twice someone has accused me of selling fakes because the jeans they got don't look EXACTLY like a pair they already had. It's possible that (A) the pair they already have is fake or (B) its just a different style or from a different season and have some minor differences. I usually offer to show them a store receipt but let them return if they are not happy, its not worth a hassle, but I always maintain my items are real and tell them to get them authenticated if they wish...but yeah, it sounds like buyer's remorse to me. I'd wait to see if the jeans they send you back are real, and if they are the same ones, just refund and be done with it, but if they leave you a negative, reply to it that you have 100% proof of authenticity and for buyers to email you for proof. If they send you fakes, then get PayPal involved and do not refund. There's a Seller's Protection Policy too, dammit. I hate dealing with uninformed buyers like this.
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^^Don't open the package IMO, just refuse it!!
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i will refuse the package, but i dont want to refund this person.. They arent replying to my msgs either...
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stupid nasty moo!!! i would love to wring her neck !!!!
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what does paypal have to say about all this? i just hope the package doesnt get lost getting shipped back & forth.
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I'm so sorry this is happening to you, hips
That crap about the buttons and tags is such a retarded claim. I hate those ignorant people who are arrogant enough to call themselves expert just from owning a pair or two of R&Rs.
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Originally Posted by MmHmluvthosejeans View Post
Just refund this person minus shipping, ebay and paypal fees. They're too much of an ass to deal with.

Screw that! this guys a total jerk. I wouldn't refund him on principle.
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thankyou guys, i have mailed paypal etc..my hubby is taking care of it all for me because he is wonderful I will keep you informed!! xoxox
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I'll take care of it, Princess. Don't let the turkey's get you down...
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aww you guys are the sweetest couple!
don't forget to keep us updated... n pls post this lousy ebayers name so we can ALL block them from our future auctions
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what an idiot buyer, i cant beleive she thinks she knows everything about R&R, she clearly does not keep up with the new seasons ranges, changing rivets, tags etc.

she will deffinately lose this claim. dont worry hips everything will be just fine

to the buyer - do some research next time before you start accusing people for selling fakes.
check on websites like blaec and planet funk and eluxury to see how the new styles change!
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this buyer is just one of many out there..

thanx baby.. <3 xoxox
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Be careful when you see 'michaeldao'. He doesn't have much feedback, so newbie. He actually filed the claim just after hips left positive feedback for him. Pretty scandalous...
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