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Accused of selling FAKES....

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A buyer of mine recently purchase both these:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...04 &rd=1&rd=1

and these:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...80 &rd=1&rd=1

They have now opened a dispute and said they are returning both jeans as they are FAKE. Fake?!?! I am shocked that anyone could think that 1) id sell fakes and 2) that these beautiful jeans are fake...

I am sending them this link so they can see what you all think...
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those are without doubt 100% real. i dont know how they can say they are fake, tell them to take the jeans to an R&R store and get them authenticated or somthing because they arent fake.
fakes look nasty and the washes are bad and crystals out of line. so to the seller - these are real without question.
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Those are both definitely 1000000000000000000% real & hips only sells real. no way are these fake!!

if you need an authentication letter, have avani write one
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um question:IS THE SELLER BLIND?????????!!?!?!?!! those are absolutely real, damn crazy people
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buyer obviously doesn't know real from fake and if he thought they were fake why the F#@& would they bid on both and pay so much???!?!?!?!?!?! imo buyer's remorse and is trying to pull some crap
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they probably dont fit right or somthing and are saying they are fake because they dont want to re sell. dont worry hips, they will without doubt lose the claim if they file these as fake.
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^^ I agree. I am sure they don't fit or they are having buyers remorse. That is so crappy for someone to do. With all the info against fakes you have on your auctions. Thats a $hitty buyer who should not be on e-bay. People like that pi$$ me off. Good luck!
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thanx guys.. im fustrated, i hope they read this... xo
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So, was it your 100% feedback? The powerseller status? The 400 times stated how the item is NOT a fake ? What was it to make her think fake?
You dont typically have 100% feedback and powerseller status by selling fakes.
not to mention the giant wad of pics you had up PROVING they are authentic.
Good luck to her on trying to magically make those real jeans that you sold her into fake ones.

Heres one for the BBL.
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Sounds like a case of buyer's remorse to me...

You have full prove that the jeans are authentic (and they are) so let's see how she's going to pull them off as fake.
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I bet its buyer's remorse, I bet they didn't fit her or something....or she found the same ones for less price...thats BS!!
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Ohhhh I would tell her that you won't refund them as they are real and if she wants to file a paypal dispute you can easily prove they are real from this forum anyway and you'll win the dispute...stupid ebayer!!
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Yes I have bought from you and all your jeans are 100% real!
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Yep she only has 3 feedback too, threaten the crap out of her hehehe
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By the way, I really like how your crystalized those phoenix's!
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Hips, what are you going to do???
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Yep sounds like buyers remorse. Probably wants to send them back so she can get them elsewhere cheaper
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Definitely sounds like buyers' remorse...good luck to the buyer proving they're fake because they're quite obviously not. Maybe they don't compare to previously purchased fakes and that's why the buyer is confused.

Originally Posted by shelley_42 View Post
By the way, I really like how your crystalized those phoenix's!
I don't think she customized them...I've seen them in the store like that
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I don't think she customized them...I've seen them in the store like that [/quote]

Opps, I didn't know that.
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Hellllllo e bay buyer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE JEANS ARE REAL !!!!!!!!!!!
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Sorry to hear that Hips....these jeans are beautiful and 100% authentic, no doubt about it..... I agree that perhaps your buyer is remorseful about buying them. Hope everything works out well for you, as you are undoubtedly an honest seller!!
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It is for sure buyers' remorse. Just look at the sizes! She bought a 25 that fits like a 24 & a 25 that fits like a 26 - Just buy the right size! Trust me - I know how hard it is to buy jeans online, but suck it up to a mistake & resell! This is why ebay drives me crazy! So, is she returning them? I wouldn't let her! Sorry hips!
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hey guys, thanx again.. i have emailed her this link and am awaiting her response..

She said in her dispute that she has sent them back to me! What the.. im not sending them back, not at my cost anyways.. Grr... Ah well. lets wait for a response! they are gorgeous jeans as well, fake? pssh my gosh! love you guys <3 xoox
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that's okay Hips - see if the 2nd highest bidders on them still want them - at least you can get some money back!

if I were you, I'd block her from your auctions from now on. If she'll pull this crap, who knows what else she'll do?
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Def buyers remorse. Tell her to get off her lazy arse and sell them herself if they don't fit. She will loose this dispute...what a chump!
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