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lacoste shoe sizing?

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does anyone know how lacoste shoes run compared to pumas?
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I have a number of lacoste sneakers and mary jane's. You might have to size down half a size for their sneakers but not the mary jane's. I wear 7 but get 6.5 in lacoste sneakers
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thanks! cause i am looking to purchase a pair of lacoste flats
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lacoste seems to run pretty tts for me
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I wear a 9 in Puma and I 8.5 in Lacoste...they are supposed to run 1/2 size big.
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you should always go at least half size down in lacoste. i used to work in a shoe store and that's my experience w/ lacoste.
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Go 1/2 size down. They run a little big.
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i am 8.5 in Nike Dunk High and i want to buy the Lacoste men's concourse tassle im confused if 8.5 or 8.. i will wear it without socks tnx 

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They run true to size, maybe a bit narrower than Pumas

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