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I am DYYYYYYYYYYYYYING for some louboutins but I seriously can't afford to pay retail [I'm also saving for a baby spy... which costs as much as the shoes, oddly enough].

I've scoured ebay but they're all just as expensive as they would be at neiman's or saks. Anyone have any good websites that might have them for a little less?

[I'm not retarded, I'm still expecting to spend a couple hundred on them! All I want are a pair of black peep toes]

Help me, please?
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check out neiman marcus last call. i was there a couple weeks ago and they had a few including a good selection of dior, gucci, and manolos
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I didn't see any Louboutins at Last call last week. Do they really have them there? I see people re-selling them for $800!! There was a website that had them discounted but I forgot what it was...
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I'm not close to a last call

that website would really be helpful!
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on ebay is even more expensive than in Neimans! Crazy!
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You can find Louboutin on sale at net-a-porter.com...etc BUT no way you'll find any pump styles. In fact in certain styles you would be lucky to find them at retails. That's why they go for $200-400 more than retail price on ebay.
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yeah, the peep toe (very prive style that sammiekat has) is extremely popular and HTF. no way you would see it at a last call unless the pair was seriously damaged or something. i know its not louboutin, but they have an EXACT knockoff on the nine west website. red sole and all. maybe to keep you sated until you can get the real thing!

on a side note i saw a pair in size 7.5 at a consignment store this weekend...it was a really sexy plain black pump. but the heel was so spindly i felt it buckle under me! they were also $156!
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^Thanks allison! I'll have to check the ninewest ones out... Nordies has a good online selection, I'm thinking maybe I'll op for some marc jacobs or michael kors ones
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You can get a pre owned pair on ebay for way less than retail, IMO.
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^I've been checking every day for about a week now... all the preowned ones in my size are U-G-L-Y

I guess I'll have to suck it up and either buy them retail [if I can find them] or get something close to them Thanks for the help all!
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I saw a pair of used Olive Suede pumps sz 38.5 for $130. They're ugly though....
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Legit Ebay sellers: ariail54, naturalgasgirl, onlymoda
but not much saving, sometimes even higher than retails.
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geez.. i've wanted a pair for a long time too.. i guess i'll just have to smack some chick upside the head and run with her heels!!

i kid, i kid.. hehehehehe
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