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Anyone own this Coach wallet & can authenticate?

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Okay back story: I bought this wallet on eBay. After buying it I asked the awesome members on AF as well as Purseforum to authenticate. Member at AF said it's fake, but member at PF said it's real.

The only reason it's believed to be fake, apparently is due to the buckle. First I was told that it should have the Coach stamp on the buckle, but after looking up the drilldown photo on Coach's site, that didn't have the stamp either. Then I was told that the buckle on the drilldown is different as it is a shiny silver buckle, while on my wallet it's more dull. I've looked up similar wallets on eBay and they all have the same dull-ish buckle. Also looked up different wallets where the buckle was more shiny and silver on the drilldown photos, and compared it to actual pictures of the wallets and the buckles were shiny and silver too so not so sure that it's just a difference in lighting.

Thoughts? If anyone owns this wallet and could let me know I would appreciate it tons! Style is 6K31 (from the Factory Store).

My Wallet (http://i49.photobucket.com/albums/f2...604/fs6k31.jpg):

Drilldown photo:
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I think it looks good and I thought it was real when you originally posted the link on AF. Maybe you could take a pic of the interior? Is there a coach store nearby that you could take it to? If so I'm sure they wouldn't mind authenicating it in there to be sure.
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I think it is real. One thing I have learned about both the coach website and their catalog is that their pictures aren't always accurate. Usually the details are (like the stamp) but you can't use color or metal shininess. Their pictures are always darker than the real thing (even a sales associate told me that when I was disappointed with a bag that I saw in real life after lusting for it in the catalog)
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Thanks so much for the input smalls and hsensi

The interior looks exactly like the interior on the listing- will take pictures though if it'll help.

I am considering going to a Coach store to see if they can give their opinions but I feel rather embarassed by going into the store and being like "Hey, is this real?" I think it would be better if I could find someone who has seen first hand/owns the wallet so I can compare otherwise I feel that others who are not familiar with the style will also believe it's not authentic based on those factors. Strange how only the buckle seems to be the problem.

The seller gave me the phone number to the Factory Store that he claims he got it from so I guess the best thing to do would be to call them and verify the item. Too bad there isn't a toll free # haha.
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Don't feel embarrased. They can probably tell in person by the look and feel of the material and leather. If you don't want to tell them you bought it on ebay just tell them it was a gift and you weren't certain if it was real.
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Any updates on this wallet? I'm looking for the same one.
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