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Which bag should I keep?

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I am trying to decide which purse to keep. They are exactly the same except for the leather trim.

I was leaning towards keeping the metallic trim since I thought the one with the white is more of a summer look and the metallic one could be carried spring through fall.

On the other hand I'm not sure if the metallic trim will date the bag, like metallics are in this year but if they're not in style in the next few years does this mean the bag will go out of style?

What do you think? Is one more versatile than the other? Which is cuter? Thanks!

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The white signature is more versatile, IMO. You can wear it with anything compared to the metalic one.
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i like the metallic best personally.
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Metallics are in for Spring.
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Keep the metallic.
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I like the contrast of the white one However, both are really nice!
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I owned the white so my answer is white. lol

(we are so helpful aren't we??)
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another vote for metallic!
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white i love white! you can wear the white trimmed one with everything ;D
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I also agree with compulsiveshopper that the trim on the white one is super pretty and I like the contrast.

But the white would also get dirty quicker and that would be kind of obnoxious. (Think: handles and edges!) The metallic would hold up much nicer and is really nice too... I'd stick with the metallic myself for this reason!
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haahaa- I think we are evenly split now . Thanks for the input ladies. I guess I can't go wrong either way.
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I say white.....metallics come and go trend wise but white is always a go! Plus I have a coach bag with those same colors but different style and everyone always says how much they like it
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I vote for the white! I think it's much more versatile and so pretty
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i like the metallic! the metallic and the signature Cs work well together
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i say keep both! but if you really really have to choose, white.
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i go with metallic!!
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I like both!
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Oooufff its a toughy. I say white!
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