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someone won these

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I was sniping but 1 dollar less then this person I guess because I didn't even bid. according to ebay. you think these were real? Another forum member sent these to me, so i guess they were, but Id feel better if they were fake.

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aww that sucks I hope you get a great pair soon to make up for it! They were real, too
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aww booo, thats happened to me before too. and yes, they were real
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Good grief , they went cheap! Sorry, I am sure that doesn't help you feel any better. Just keep your eyes peeled. Deals are rolling through ebay everyday here lately
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Grrr, I HATE when my snipe does not go off and the item goes for cheap!!
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is goodsheva a member
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Yup, I found those. They went cheap! Sorry you didn't get them- that sucks!
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I should have put 40

There were no bids. I thought I had it!!!! I think sheva is a member here, at least someone here got them, I feel a little better.
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Thanks Sammie!!!! We tried!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by newjeanslover
Thanks Sammie!!!! We tried!!!!!!
You're welcome! Wish you woulda gotten them!
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Just wasn't meant to be, anyone own colette crops?

How do they fit you if you do? They are skinny legs right? Just curious, now Im on a mission to find them.
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the seller has 29s now

No inner tags u think i should bid?

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