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Real or fake?

What about Designer Fashion House (Designer Fashion House-Designer Fashions for Less!)?

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no, FAKE
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Oooo, thanks, however
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Hi again
What about NYC EXCLUSIVE SHOP? Shall we trust them?
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NYC EXCLUSIVE sells 100% authentic jeans, but a lot of members had problems with him, because his jeans were not 1st quality like advertised

such as misplaced crowns, flaws etc.
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Thank you very much for this helpful information.
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Authentic sellers?

Are ebay sellers: keelawwebb and aimetotem selling authentic?
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keelawwebb yes

aimetotem no
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keelawwebb: real from what i see
aimetotem: disgusting craptacular fakes
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Great, thank you
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What about Guest House Bboutique?
Is that fake or real?
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butt fugly fakes
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k thanks!
and for ebay sellers;

what about jellybeans77 ?
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Sorry I just realized jellybeans77 was already on the authentic list..
but what about
or NK7597

sorry thats alot, but they all have jeans up for bid at the moment!
thanks for your help!!
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KATJA2 - real
NK7597 - sorry i didnt see any R&Rs
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lol that is me if ever i decide to sell my jeans on ebay that is haha
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Duuuuude.....no buying from people on eBay.....tooo many really bad fakes. I agree Planet Funk does at least sell authentic jeans. If I am gonna pay for it, it better real dammit! RAWR!
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not all the jeans on ebay are fake. you just have to educate yourself so you kow the difference
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fashioordeath i'm assuming you probably work for them based on your posts and specific link to PF?
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Worse....they get all my money....I have 46 pairs or shoes...20 pairs of jeans and a shitload of cute stuff and work as a writer....how did this happen?!
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yeah but their R&R stuff hardly ever goes on sale. you can find better prices at nordies, bloomies, or any other dept store
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Nordstrom's eh??? I have a hard time finding anything that fits there. Cause well, I'm as tiny as they come I'll have to check the one at the Grove and see if they have anything. I think they are having a sale.....If nothing else I can spend hours in the make up section :P
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I was wondering if this is an authentic r&r seller on ebay:


Mainly if anyone has done business with this seller.
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i'm not sure and i've never head of him/her

something is fishy abotu their auction pics ask for more pics if ur thinking of buying
i've never heard of this seller but wait for others
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Well i have been in contact with this particular seller. He/she is very nice and does offer refunds for sizes but I'm still a little sketched on if these pants are real or not. could i get another opinion?
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