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Oh how I waited....

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For the FedEx guy to arrive. He was VERY nice today & brought my Berkstore order!!

My Nakita Flip Flop (aka no need to hem since I'm short)

and my COH crop/gauchos

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oh how cute
i desperately need some gauchos...and flip flops are awesome for us shorties, it's about time!!
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Awesomely cute! What a lucky mail day. Everything looks so good on you.
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awww they both look so cute, I love the gauchos !
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Joy ~ I want both of those!!! They look awesome on you
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They look awesome! I love my Nakita FlipFlops, super soft denim and I love the beaded rear patch....good mail day!
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cute, cute! looking good, Joy
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Both look great! The Nakitas are so pretty! Love the gauchos too!
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Both look great! Don't you love that patch? I really like it!!!
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those guachos are hot
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They both look great but I LOVE the flip flops!
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Congratulations to you on your new purchases. I absolutely love Berkstore after getting the flip flop Nakitas there for such a good price! Enjoy.
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drooool over #1
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wow..those look good on you!! I love my flipflops too...the only time I'm lovin being height challanged!!
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so cute! i want some gauchos
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Originally Posted by igawtscammed
drooool over #1

what she said...
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Awww, thanks everyone! I was kinda unsure about the COH, but they are growing on me. I *LOVE* the Nakitas though. They are soooo soft & the patch is toooo cute!
They do run big. I probably should've sized down more, but it'll be nice to have a "roomy" pair.
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