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The Ultimate Purse Wishlist!

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Okay girls, shoot! I know we are all are lusting after something!

In order: (All Chanels)
1. GST (black w/ silver hardware)
2. Luxury Bowler (white w/ silver hw)
3. Classic flap (med/large white & patent navy w/ silver hw)
4. Baby Coco cabas (black or navy or brown )
5. Medallion (black w/ silver hw)
6. Dome clutch (it's nearly $1g but so cute!)

ONE DAY.... one day....
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1. Hermes Garden Party Twilly TPM preferably the orange and brown bolduc silk lining and matching twilly
2. Hermes Birkin 30cm in Barenia, Togo, and Croc all with PH or RH
3. Balenciaga 03 Blue handbag
4. Hermes agenda
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I'm not quite as sophisticated as everyone else:

1. Chanel East-West flap (plum cavier)
2. Balenciaga (the smaller styles)
3. Chanel Classic flap (any size)
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1. chanel heart chain flap
2. marc jacobs quilted blake
3. louis vuitton batignolles horizontal
4. marc jacobs bal harbour satchel
5. okay, basically anything mj.
6. louis vuitton marshmellow vernis houston and matching french purse
7. chanel luxury bowler
8. marc by marc jacobs viva la val slim in chocolate
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anything by tokidoki

anything mj
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1) LV Batignolles Horizontal
2) LV Black Epi Speedy 30

I will be picking up the Batignolles tomorrow
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saving for the fendi, god knows how long it'll take me...

1. Fendi zucca baby spy
2. LV Onatah PM
3. LV Onatah GM
4. LV Onatah leather pochette
5. Coach legacy leather shoulder bag [will probably acquire within the next 6 months... perhaps before the spy]
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I'm lusting for a Coach Carly bag...
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1. Lady Dior Cannage bag
2. LV [Damier] Knightsbridge
3. LV [Monogram] Multipli-cite
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LV Onatah Pochette
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Chanel Baby Coco Cabas in Black Caviar Leather please!
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small brown gucci hip bag (getting it in a few days )
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1. Black or Orange Birkin 30 with gold harware
2. Chanel Black Metallic Luxury Bowler
3. Balenciaga First in a red shade
4. Classic Chanel Flap
5. LV Tulum (shoulder one)
6. YSL Mombasa Horn
7. a cheap hangbag with an engagement ring inside! (this should be #1)
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right now, i want a Chanel baby cabas in khaki the most. my wishlist is way too long, though.
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Originally Posted by missD View Post
7. a cheap hangbag with an engagement ring inside! (this should be #1)

How could I have forgotten that one?!
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... I don't even know where to start.
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Only one... Chloe paddington color preference: chocolate, blue nuit, blanc. *(I think)*
I dont know anything about any of the bags that you guys have on your wishlists! lol
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1. Hermes Birkin 30cm in black
2. MJ Stam bag
3. LV leopard Polly handbag
4. Chanel flap bag
5. more LV!
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LV Red Epi Speedy 25 or Alma or Passy
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1. Roberto Cavalli-Acapulco Extra Large Hobo
2.Dior- My Dior Medium Bag
3. Dior-Diorissimo Medium Hobo
4.Gucci- Abbey Large Hobo
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1. chanel lady braid flap in violet
2. chanel modern chain flap in black
3. a dark colored balenciaga first
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Balenciaga: Anthracite City or Marine City

I have to see it in person first and it will be off my wishlist! Otherwise, thats all I want I dont ask for much!
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