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oh my...this is quite confusing. =/
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Originally Posted by theherman
oh my...this is quite confusing. =/
haha my thoughts exactly!
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Originally Posted by thekiller
so are we going to have 2 forums now : Honest forum & The jean site?

I think Honest Forum should be locked and just be available for us to look for old threads...
agree - we used to do this with the German forum when it moved.
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Me too. I was very comfortable w/ the way it was and that was one of the reasons I still come here first over the other forums avail. But I guess we'll just have to learn to live w/ it!
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it is a bit confusing... but I'M SO HAPPY IT'S BACK!!

i've been home sick all weekend trying to use HF pretty much every hour...
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yay it's finally back up!

i also cant log into firefox
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^^try logging onto HF thru www.thejeanssite.com w/ FF
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thanks so much lauriebell!
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Do you need some help with getting things sorted out? I'm an app developer and if the posts are stored somewhere then I'm sure there's some way to get them all imported.
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Yeah...the loss of all the searchable data, post count, pms and HM feedback really kinda pisses me off...

I also cannot connect to www.thejeanssite.com or www.thejeansite.com (I don't know which is right, but neither is connecting) and this constantly having to log in is getting old.
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wow, i was suffering from HF withdrawal!! i'm glad it's back but i definately miss the old stickys, HM feedback and valuable info from HF1. not really lovin the new website name tho
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I'm glad that hf is up again. Thanks for all the hard work~

ditto to what bethm7 and lauriebell said about all the valuable information in hf1 and the potential search function.
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-link to honestwiki is broken
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The new forum is ok but I loved the old HF. And the old posts and HM feedback is gone =( Isn't there a way to transfer them here? (old posts)
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i checked several times a day until hf was working, and i got linked over here. i just broke 1k post last month =[. starting from scratch...
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we are trying to get the old posts and stuff fixed.

we are working with our 6th programmer. SIXTH!

nutty stuff.
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Originally Posted by igawtscammed
I just went to www.honestforum.com and thts how Im here...
So, where would the old site be?
Or is it unavailable at the moment?
For me, my bookmark took me right here....I was checking it obsessively!
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Also, the links at the bottom under forum jump don't work
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^^ bc they are linked to hf1 for now... i think
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Either I'm just stupid, or there still isn't a clear reason as to why HM went down in the first place. Was this planned? Or was the site hacked? If this was planned, why weren't we all notified beforehand about what to expect (ie lost posts, lost pms)??? This lack of information is really pissing me off.
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I agree starlight. I think we should have been informed, but I'm not mad lol.
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I couldn't even get to the old HF page; it said there was no registered domain and it didn't lead me over here; I had to do a search! I thought HF was lost forever----was going through some serious withdrawal symptoms!
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