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Fiorentini + Baker #7040 in Black/Brown/Tan

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Fiorentini + Baker #7040 in Black/Brown/Tan

Fiorentini + Baker is a creative collaboration of one Bologna’s most highly regarded interior designers - Gianpaolo Fiorentini - and shoe designer Deborah Baker, one of London’s finest exports. The fusion of these diverse design backgrounds has resulted in a range of classically timeless shoes for both men and women. The philosophy of Fiorentini and Baker is simple – they create beautiful shoes. Supple leather, soft suede and original vintage fabrics reflect the graceful and undeniably romantic influences of cinematic legends such as Betty Davis and Julie Christie. Effortlessly wearable and exceptionally durable, these hand-crafted mens and womens shoes are created by artisans using traditional techniques that ensure these unique shoes grow old as gracefully as the stars that inspired them. Available in Black/Brown leather or Tan suede. Side buckle boot. 1 1/4" heel. Partial rubber sole. Made in Italy.

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DenimBlog.com › Jeans & More › Women's Fashion › Women's Shoes › Boots › Fiorentini + Baker #7040 in Black/Brown/Tan