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Diesel Jogg Jeans - Krooley-NE BPX

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Rated #3 in Men's Skinny Jeans


Pros: Comfortable, Stylish

Cons: one length


Diesel jogg jeans are not exactly what Diesel tries to sell them as. Diesel tries to sell them as sweat pants that look like denim. The fact is they are denim that are soft like sweatpants. The denim is very thin and the Krooley-NE BPX is made with left hand twill denim, which makes it softer to the touch. Most jeans are made with right hand twill(or broken twill if you're into True Religion). Anyways the left hand twill these are made with combined with the thinness really give them a sweat pant feel. The wash is incredible and oddly the Diesel.com pictures do not do them justice. The drawstrings and elastic looking waist were a bit of a draw back for me but noone sees this so it really doesnt matter. Be sure to size down as much as possible if you dont want a saggy butt look to your jeans. I have a 30.5 inch waist. I got a 28 but wouldve got a 26 had it been available. As it stands I am happy with them but I prefer skin tight and these are a bit looser after a few wears. Surprising enough they do not stretch out very too much when worn. This is a plus if you hate to wash your garment after every wear. The thing that sucks is they only come in one inseam. If you are tall and skinny then you may be screwed. For instance I got a 28 which goes down about 31.5 inches on the inseam. I would have liked to have been able to get a 34 inseam but that wouldve required sizing up. So overall, I highly recommend these jeans. 


I want this jeans but i want to know how much ?

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Diesel Jogg Jeans - Krooley-NE BPX

Diesel Jogg Jeans are Diesel's new hybrid of a sweat pants feel with a denim look. The Krooley fit is not necessarily skinny but if you get these in the right size they will look like skinny jeans on you. The BPX wash has some distressing and whiskering.

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